Case Study

How a law firm improved their IT infrastructure and security with OSIT

About Friedman Lurie Singh & D’Angelo (FLSD)

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Five offices throughout Western Australia

Users: 11 - 50 Employees

Industry: Legal


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Providing exceptional legal services since 1989 

Friedman Lurie Singh & D’Angelo (FLSD) incorporates empathetic and caring values to their clients’ legal matters, making their overall process quick, efficient, and smooth sailing as possible – this is what sets them apart making them experts at what they do best. 

With over 30 years of legal experience, the Perth lawyers at FLSD provide professional and cost-effective services to their clients for a variety of legal matters such as family law, personal injury, wills and estate planning, inheritance claims, commercial law, criminal law, and court actions. 


Business Objectives

  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Have a reliable IT infrastructure for their business
  • Lessen system interruption
  • Security of confidential employee and client information


Executive Summary

FLSD reduced system interruption and improved billable hours with Office Solutions IT Managed Services 

One of the many problems FLSD had in their previous IT setup was constant system and hardware disruptions that impacted their billable hours on a daily basis. 

In the past, juggling multiple client cases was a constant battle as their IT infrastructure required multiple reboots each day. Upon speaking with aOffice Solutions IT partner, they were able to weigh in the best options for their business and eliminate the recurring problems that they were facing.

The Challenges

Aged Infrastructure and System Instability 

FLSD’s IT was old and unreliableThe IT system required a daily reboot to get it operational and the root cause of the issue was not being resolved by the existing IT support service provider. This unreliable infrastructure made their system unusable for large parts of the day thereby reducing FLSD’s billable hours.  


The Solution

Updated infrastructure and dedicated IT support 

Office Solutions IT switched them across to their dedicated support team and a temporary solution was put in place to stabilise FLSD’s IT system allowing them to continue to operate while Office Solutions IT replaced the existing infrastructure. 

FLSD was presented with a full assessment of their system instabilities with a tailored IT infrastructure solution to make it more reliable.  

Now, FLSD is getting much better-quality IT service and significantly reduced their business disruptions. They are supported by a dedicated team of system engineers and an Office Solutions IT partner. Aside from Managed IT Support services, FLSD now has a more secure and organised system effectively supporting and scaling their IT system. 


The Results

Significantly lower IT disruption times 

Aside from moving to a more reliable IT system, FLSD was able to reduce their total software licensing and server hardware costs upon their system upgrade. This resulted in a more streamlined system that significantly minimised disruptions, increased staff efficiency, and improved their cyber security.  

Upon working with an Office Solutions IT Partner and engineers, FLSD now has a more secure and reliable IT system specifically tailored to their needs and can support their business approach.