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Proactive managed IT support for Australian businesses

Protect your business with Managed IT Support

Stop reacting to IT issues. Start averting them and making your IT resources and budget work harder, with one of the leading providers of IT support in Australia.

Enjoy your very own Office Solutions managed IT support services delivered by a dedicated team that’s on hand to support your IT day in, day out. And with pricing that’s guaranteed to deliver more bang for your IT buck, you can get off the back foot and spend less time counting the productivity cost of fighting IT fires, and more time fighting for market share.

From shared IT (that dovetails with your inhouse IT resources) and specialist cyber security and disaster continuity expertise, through to IT reporting and IT Management to ensure you are always improving your IT ROI and productivity, we have a wealth of IT support services for Australian businesses to tap into.

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The benefits of Managed IT Support

IT Support (without the wait)

When your IT stops working, so do you. We get it. And we get onto it. ASAP.

get rid of downtime

Stop losing and start saving

Turn IT from a bottom-less pit into a bottom-line boosting asset.

lower your IT costs

Minimise your IT headaches

Don’t just get by. Get on top of your IT. Get IT that works, day in, day out.

get it that works

Stop wasting time on IT

Start focusing on what matters to you, with IT that works the way it should.

set and forget IT

We have a wealth of capabilities to tap into

One point of contact

We’ll give you a dedicated Partner, who will be there with top-level advice at your monthly catch-ups and oversee every facet of your IT day to day.

One Goldilocks team

Not some vast team that doesn’t know you and is slow to react. Not a one-man band that lacks capacity. We give you a small-but-experienced team that’s juuuuust right.

Get issues resolved super fast

On average, we respond to normal issues in just 18 minutes, and to high-priority issues in only three minutes. That’s fast. In fact, that’s industry leading.

Stay up and running

If an issue comes out of leftfield, we're around 24x7 to get you up and running again ASAP. We'll even dig deep to address the underlying issue so it doesn’t crop up again. Uptime is everything.

Never get caught out

From our initial health check, to our ongoing check-ups, we always have a 360˚ view of your IT setup, so we can identify issues proactively, before they disrupt you.

Focus on the important stuff

We’re constantly thinking about your IT, so you don’t have to give it a second thought. Less time dealing with IT. More time focusing on your work and business.


“I can’t fault OSIT’s rapid-response IT support. If we report an issue, they’re there straight away, finding a way to get me back online. It’s so reassuring, and definitely one less thing to worry about.”

Raj Thethy - Youth Focus



Managed IT Support Services

Our veritable a la carte menu of bolt-on IT Support services means we’re able to cherry-pick the best and brightest services for your business, so you get all the outsourced IT support you need, without paying for stuff you don’t. Get in touch to discuss a proactive managed IT support approach that works for your business.

  • Monitoring


    Our monitoring agent means we’ve got one eye on the health and performance of your laptops, desktops and servers all day, every day.

    Never get caught out

    But there’s more to monitoring your IT setup than letting you know when your computer has too many tabs open.

    From backup data verification and Anti-Virus updates to password policies, resolving misconfigured emails and automatic windows updates, we’ll set up automated system tasks and services that monitor the status of your entire IT setup, so we’re aware of potential issues before they disrupt your business.

    And if there’s an issue, we’ll get working on it - before you even know it. “Yeah, yeah” you say, but we mean it. In fact, here's a snapshot of everything we’ll monitor so you don’t have to.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Live monitoring

    ✔️ Hassle free updates

    ✔️ Stay one step ahead of downtime


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  • Maintenance


    Maintenance is so much more than rolling out automatic updates and ensuring the green lights are flashing. Allow us to show you what a 360˚ proactive view of your IT maintenance looks like.

    Evergreen IT

    From the complex infrastructure at the core of your business right down to the real-time optimisation of business-critical software applications you use on a daily basis, we routinely audit, test, update, configure and document every aspect of your IT environment all day, every day.

    This is why our IT maintenance doesn’t just stop at getting your IT ducks in a row, it keeps them there too.

    From backup restoration tests and server documentation to audits of your antivirus policies and software licences, we’ll even leverage our historical incident data to identify issues proactively and apply system modifications to improve your IT environment before they cause costly downtime.

    Every time your IT hardware or software changes or updates, your business needs to, too. The good news is, with a dedicated support team across every aspect of your IT maintenance – software, hardware, updates, service packs, documentation, audits, configurations, account management and best practice standards – you have nothing to do or worry about.

    Why you might want this: 

    ✔️ Proactive system optimisation

    ✔️Backup restoration tests

    ✔️Best practice standards


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  • Updates


    Keeping up to date with the hundreds of software updates can be a time-consuming inconvenience. The good news is, that for as long as your software is supported, we’ll do it for you!

    Stay up to date

    No headaches. Just seamlessly updated software, ready to go, whenever you need it.

    What you might want this:

    ✔️ Improve productivity

    ✔️ Reduce security vulnerabilities

    ✔️ Consistent business systems


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  • Helpdesk


    When your IT stops working, so do you. We get it. And our helpdesk gets onto it immediately.

    Uptime is everything

    If an IT issue comes out of leftfield, we’ll be available to restore normal business operations as quickly as we can. And If there’s a recurring or deep-seated issue, we’ll work on it in the background and provide you with a breakdown of our long-term recommendations. But our immediate goal is to get you back in business ASAP.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Rapid Response IT Support

    ✔️ Prioritised incident resolution

    ✔️ IT support you can count on


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  • Service Requests

    Service Requests

    IT support isn’t always about fixing stuff. Sometimes you just need to make a change to your existing hardware, software, services or configurations.

    IT (and support) you can count on

    Do you want to change someone’s name? Give them access to something else? Retire an old computer? Or remove some software? That’s called a service request, and we are available to take that off your plate. Relax knowing you have all the IT support you need to get the job done.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ IT requests on tap

    ✔️ Hassle-free hardware and software management

    ✔️ All the IT support you need to get the job done


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  • Install or New

    Install or New

    Getting new IT equipment installed in the office can be exciting, but we don’t just make sure your IT equipment looks good. IT must feel good too.


    When we roll out new hardware, software, services or configurations we make sure that it works – immediately.

    From configuring new equipment and adding new software, services or features, to creating new user accounts and profiles, we’ll test the new setup, in forensic detail, ensuring a seamless rollout - with no needless hiccups.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ IT Installation

    ✔️ IT that works from day one

    ✔️ Business compatibility assurance



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  • After Hours Helpdesk

    After Hours Helpdesk

    While our standard business hours are from 7:30 to 17:30 WST (excluding public holidays), our add-on after hours service means we’re here for you 24/7.

    Times up for downtime

    Aren’t all superheroes available outside regular business hours?

    So, if you need assistance while working out of hours, we’ll be around to save the day - or night. We’ll even wear a cape if you ask nicely.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Rapid-response IT support

    ✔️ 24 Hours a day

    ✔️ 365 Days a year


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  • Scheduled Visits

    Scheduled Visits

    From installing machines and performing maintenance to carrying out emergency repairs, there are many reasons and situations that may require an IT technician to visit you on-site.

    IT support that checks in on you

    In all cases, it is essential to take full advantage of having an expert present on your site. We make sure that every visit from our IT technician is productive, informative and effective whilst adhering to the industry-specific COVID-19 safety plans and guidelines.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ On-site IT support

    ✔️ Recurring IT engineer visit

    ✔️ For client sites within 50km from an OSIT office


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