IT should work hard, not feel hard.

Work-hard, feel-good IT solutions and consultancy

When your IT works effectively, you can see it. In KPIs. In the bottom line. But you can feel it, too. Offices hum. Backs are patted. People smile.

From supercharging your cyber security and maximising your IT ROI, through to industry leading support and a pricing promise that guarantees your IT support won’t cost extra, we’ve got you covered.

So, stop worrying about IT and start enjoying it. That’s right, our outsourced IT solutions for Perth & WA businesses put ‘enjoying’ and ‘IT’ in the same sentence.

We have a wealth of IT support services in Perth for you to tap into. You can even start now, with our complementary scan of the Dark Web to find out if your data is exposed and at risk of a security breach.

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"Changing over to Office Solutions IT was the best decision we made."

Cheree Matthews - Walter Road East General Practitioners

Make the Switch

IT solutions that fit like a glove

One look at everything we do will tell you a lot about the sheer breadth and depth of our expertise as an IT solutions provider in Perth. Click below to learn more about our feel good IT Support services can turn your IT from a bottom-less pit into a bottom-line boosting asset.

Managed IT

Say goodbye to downtime. And hello to a more productive use of your IT resources with transparent pricing and full-on all-inclusive Managed IT support that’s guaranteed to deliver more bang for your IT buck.

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Essentials IT

If there’s anything worse than seeing your IT go down, it’s waiting for help. Minutes feel like hours, and you feel like throwing in the towel. Not so with our Essentials IT support.  Our on demand services are built for speed, just like Usain Bolt. Only without the Lycra.

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Cyber Security

Make no mistake: one day your IT security will be tested. Ask us to assess your setup and, if necessary, implement a cost-effective, common-sense security solution.

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IT Projects

Identify your IT weak points and supercharge productivity with targeted IT projects delivered in seamless, silky smooth and so-cost-effective Office Solutions IT fashion.

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Get all the benefits of the cloud, without the headaches. Find out if the cloud is right for you and, if so, leave it to us to design and deploy it, hiccup-free.

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Make better data-driven business decisions. Enable your people to collaborate and innovate more effectively. Unlock the potential in your business.

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About us

Today, we provide market-leading IT solutions to Australian businesses, but we didn’t start out that way. In the beginning, our founders saw lots of businesses under stress, struggling to equip their offices effectively, and stepped up to provide office solutions (hence our name). Faxes, copiers, office supplies, the whole deal.

It was only later, in 2000, when commercial IT solutions became the major pain point for our clients, that the ‘IT’ was added.

Why is this important? Because it reveals the heart of our business.

More about us

Office Solutions IT Networking Party

"Thank you so much for working with us for the past 2 years, it's been a real pleasure to deal with a company with such integrity. You have been pivotal in the success of moving MHLC into the current century!
We've loved your pragmatic & down to earth approach."


“We used to get bogged down with IT all the time, but it isn’t an issue anymore. We have a great Partner who keeps us up to date, but basically takes care of everything for us."


Turn that IT frown upside down

We love solving problems. The tougher, the better. And yes, that makes us a bit weird. But it also makes us the perfect IT solutions company to make your IT – and your business – more productive. So, tell us what you need. We’ve got you covered.