Case Study

How a Not-for-Profit Organisation saved over $100K in IT costs with Microsoft 365 and OSIT

About Youth Focus

Youth Focus

Location: Several metro and regional offices throughout Western Australia

Users: 150 - 200

Industry: Not for Profit Organisation and Community Services



Creating brighter futures for young people for 26 years

Youth Focus is a for-purpose organisation that creates brighter futures for young people in Western Australia by offering a range of mental health services. 

Established in 1994, Youth Focus is a leading not-for-profit organisation that delivers innovative and accessible mental health services and programs across Western Australia to help at-risk young people aged 12 to 25 lead full and healthy lives. 

Youth focus have 100+ users operating across a head office in Perth and 9 other locations in Western Australia including, Geraldton, Bunbury and Albany. 

Business Objectives

  • Lower organisations IT expenses 

  • Increase organisations flexibility to work remotely 

  • Improve collaboration 

  • Safeguard employees, data, and client information with enterprise-grade security

  • Shift the IT culture of capital expenditure to operational expenditure

  • Get more value by leveraging existing subscription to Microsoft 365

Office Solutions IT leads Youth Focus digital transformation

When the Youth Focus board received notification that an upcoming $150,000 hardware renewal for their critical IT infrastructure was due, they were quick to recognise that they needed to align their critical IT needs with their business objectives. Lowering expenses, removing their reliance on their on-premise email and data, improving flexibility (e.g. being able to work from anywhere), and modern security were all on the agenda - a complete digital transformation.

Youth Focus recognised that transforming their dated systems to a modern workplaceso they could lower their IT expenses and remove as much risk as possible to their cashflow, required a shift in their IT culture from capital expenditure to operational expenditure. With the help of our leading IT services, Youth focus found success and can now better forecast, operate and deliver their critical services – without any nasty IT surprises. 

The systems they used were all on-premise. From emails and file servers through to remote desktop servers and SAN’s, their IT was inflexible, slow and, at over $1000 per month just to extend the warranty on some of the systems, it was expensive to maintain. So, with their business goals in sight, they jumped at the opportunity to evaluate their options and they chose Office Solutions IT to pick up the ball and run with it.


“We put our trust into them to deliver a service that was going to change the way Youth Focus operated and we have not been disappointed in any way”.


The Challenges

Dated systems causing unnecessary IT expenses (and headaches) 

When Raj Thethy, Chief Financial Officer for Youth Focus, was made aware that he needed to budget for a costly hardware renewal for their on-premise IT, he was frustrated not only with the impact on cash flow but also with the general feeling that the expense far outweighed the outcome. A tell-tale sign that their IT was not contributing value to their business touchpoints.  

Going down the well-trodden pathway of renewing their dated on-premise hardware and systems every few years not only meant a significant capital expenditure, but it also meant shackling their team members to their work devices and relying on frustrating technology to access data, especially when trying to work out of the office.  

A prime example was a renewal of their on-premise file server - a critical component in their organisations ability to deliver their services. But at over $150,000 to renew, Raj worked with Office Solutions IT to explore options that would change the way Youth Focus operated.

“It meant that we would be paying a premium to continue using old technology that restricts our team members productivity and fails to give the organisation the flexibility to collaborate while working remotely”. 

The Youth Focus team were already using Microsoft 365, so when the notification of the hardware renewal hit Raj’s inbox, he jumped at the opportunity to explore win-win options that would reduce their IT expenses, improve business flexibility and free up resources that could be better invested elsewhere.


The Solution

Office Solutions IT supports Youth Focus digital Transformation strategy by leveraging M365 Platform 

Raj Thethy required a secure system that would grow with the organisation, eliminate the need for ongoing hardware expenses, and above all, offer a seamless migration that would not impact the critical day to day lifesaving services of the organisation, so he turned to Office Solutions IT to make it happen. His decision to use Office Solutions IT came down to his prior experience and their business outcome focussed approach: 

“The Team at Office Solutions IT have shown a professional approach to the requirements of our organisation. We put our trust into them to deliver a service that was going to change the way Youth Focus operated and we have not been disappointed in any way”. 

Raj worked closely with a dedicated Office Solutions IT Partner who designed and implemented a complete overhaul of Youth Focus IT systems. This has seen Youth focus digitally transform their IT operations from on-premise email, file servers and remote desktop servers to a modern workplace operating almost 100% with clever cloud technology powered by Microsoft 365 and fully supported by Office Solutions IT. 

This transformation means Youth focus are now leveraging the full value, flexibility, security and reliability of the Microsoft 365 platform including: 

  • Microsoft Exchange for cloud email hosting 
  • Microsoft SharePoint to store and share data instead of expensive on-premise file servers 
  • Microsoft OneDrive, Teams and Office to share, collaborate and work simultaneously.


The Results

Youth Focus Saves over $100k and achieves business objectives with Office Solutions IT 

Being the Chief Financial Officer, Raj has the numbers to show that that Youth Focus’ decision to partner with Office Solutions IT to reduce their IT expenses and lead their digital transformation has paid off.

One example of this can be seen in Office Solutions IT’s suggestion to leverage their existing subscription to the Microsoft 365 platform by migrating their on-premise file server data to SharePoint onlineeliminating the $150,000 expense to replace their dated on-premise file server, and the $14,000 of ongoing warranty renewals.  

But it’s more than just the numbers for Raj, with access to the latest cloud technology and the Microsoft Teams platform the Youth Focus team can now offer and deliver their services through tele-health which means they can scale, grow and reach more people in need of their critical services. 


“I have been really happy with the support we have received from Office Solutions IT in this phase. I have appreciated the friendliness and the willingness of all the Office Solutions IT team members to assist with this."