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IT Projects

Right-first-time IT projects

If the words ‘IT project’ send a shiver down your spine, relax, take a breath and allow our IT projects experts to provide a silky smooth journey from woe to go.

From IT project design and implementation, to cloud migration and Sharepoint, to software development and training your people to get the best from your IT, we’ll help you identify gaps and risks within your IT setup, then design and rollout the best fit-for-purpose solution.

No cold sweats. Just a seamlessly deployed solution adding measurable value from day one.

Office Solutions IT director with Dicker Data

Putting your business goals in reach

Solutions that fit like a glove

We don’t do off-the-shelf IT solutions. Everything’s tailored to suit your operational and strategic requirements.

Get up and running, fast

We’ll make the transition to your new IT solution seamless, with tailored training so you can hit the ground running.

Supercharge productivity

Unless a project will deliver a quantifiable improvement in performance and productivity, we won’t undertake it.

No wasted time or dollars

We plan IT projects in forensic detail, ensuring a cost-effective rollout, with no needless procrastination or hiccups.

Minimise your costs

Upfront project costs. Lower operational costs. Our woe-to-go project expertise means you’ll save money everywhere.

Relax and enjoy the ride

We’ll tailor our team and your solution to suit you and your business, making the whole process easy. Enjoyable even.

IT projects to up your business game


Tap into the flexibility, reliability and scale of the Cloud to power your IT. Rather than build it yourself, simply purchase the services you require, as and when you need them.

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Cloud Backup

Backups are stored in the cloud so your data is protected from events like fire, theft, flood and IT failures. In the event of a catastrophic failure you can access your data within hours.

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We supply, set-up and support all the famous desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet and monitor vendors including HP, Dell, Apple, Toshiba, Samsung, Lenovo, and Sony.

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Cyber Security

Modern networks and IT demands continue to get more complex, but your IT security doesn’t have to. There’s a better way. It’s simplified, powerful and proven.

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We can assist you with procurement, deployment and support for your Internet connection.

These include ADSL, BDSL, Fibre, Midband and VSAT technologies.

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Our Business Voice solution is a phone system designed for business which uses the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls.

Other options are: video conferencing, chat/IM, presence and mobility.

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We supply, install, configure and support the full range of Microsoft products. Including Office 365, Sharepoint, SQL and Exchange.

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IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure is the hardware, software, network resources and services needed to run your IT environment. We support it all from physical servers and storage to virtual infrastructure. 

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Project Design & Management

Project design is the initial stages of project scoping and planning. This includes requirements analysis and gathering of technical details. This leads to creation of a project proposal, designed to suit client requirements.

This proposal is reviewed with the client to ensure that the client understands the recommended solution and is satisfied with the proposal. Further changes to the design are made as required in consultation with the client. Once the client accepts the proposal, the project then progresses into the next phase, which is implementation.

Project management is ongoing during and following project implementation. An Office Solutions IT Project Engineer undertakes tasks required for the success of the project including communication with stakeholders, management of resources, procurement and third parties, monitoring project progress in accordance with project schedule, assessing and responding to any risks as the project progresses, and performing quality control following completion of project implementation.

Project Implementation

Project implementation is the execution phase of a project, where the project is implemented in accordance with the milestones and deliverables identified during project design. 

This is typically the phase of the project which requires the greatest amount of time. Depending on the project, this can involve tasks such as relocation of systems, installation of new hardware and software, migration from old to new systems, testing, staff training decommissioning systems which have been retired.

Casual Training

A flexible, informal event held at the client’s business to provide training to staff on an aspect of information technology.

These events may be held as part of regular staff training provided by the client for their employees, or during an informal office lunch.

Technical Training
A formal, structured training event with defined learning outcomes. Content and training material is developed with the client’s staff and desired outcomes in mind.

“OSIT have worked with us to significantly improve the performance of our IT systems, and at the same time have enabled us to reduce the amount of time we spend on IT. OSIT get my vote."


"The time savings alone are substantial with OSIT taking care of our IT. We don’t waste time and effort planning and managing IT, so we have more time and energy for business.”


Turn that IT frown upside down

IT isn’t supposed to distract you from the important stuff. It’s supposed to enable you to do more of it, more efficiently. And that’s our sole purpose at Office Solutions IT – delivering IT support services that take care of the complex business of managing IT, so you can focus on your business. Get in touch and find out more.