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Our premium cyber security service will keep your data safe from cyber risks and threats

Robust cyber security service that will fortify your business

Can you afford to invest in the right cyber security service? More to the point: can you afford not to? With the combined remediation costs and PR damage a security breach can generate, IT security is one area where it isn’t just desirable to think proactively. 

The good news is, as a trusted IT services provider of cyber security services to Australian businesses, we make navigating the IT security minefield feel like a walk in the park.

Our comprehensive cyber security services includes a 360˚ audit of your IT security, a report on your weak spots and the implementation of solid solutions for cyber security risk management. This will mitigate your IT risks, so you can carry on doing business safe in the knowledge your data, IP and customers are protected.

Get started with a complementary scan of the Dark Web and we'll be in touch personally to show you if your business emails and passwords have been exposed.

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Robust cyber security service that will fortify your business

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Act proactively to prevent attacks and ensure swift recovery.

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Dark Web Scan

Discover potential threats lurking in the dark web.

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Secure your business assets. Don’t wait for a cyberattack.

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Keep yourself and employees aware of good security practices

We set up systems, create processes, install clever software and even fight malware off with our bare hands. Ok, maybe not the last one but we’re passionate about keeping you safe online.

You might not know much about what cyber security is and why it's so important. But you must know that while securing systems with software is a good measure to limit risk it sometimes can be undone in just a few clicks...

Security Awareness Webinar

Premiere solutions for Cyber Security

Protect your business

Make sure your valuable data and IP don’t fall into the wrong hands, and safeguard the privacy of your customers.

Avoid costly breaches

Fixing security breaches can be an expensive business. The bad PR and reputational damage can be even more costly.

Minimise your investment

Don’t pay for security software you don’t need. Minimise the time and effort involved in staying secure.

Compliance? Check.

Do you know your data and privacy protection obligations? How about the costs for failing to meet them?

Make security second nature

Security training will help ensure everyone within your business maintains IT security best practice, day in, day out.

Focus on the important stuff

When your IT setup is secure, you’re free to focus on looking after your customers and building your business.


“Office Solutions performed a Cyber Security check for me and I'm so glad I did it. Friendly, informative and helpful, the team at OSIT explained everything without scaring the hell out of me. Would highly recommend their services.”

Sheryll Fisher - Outback Initiatives



Our Cyber Security Service Offering

  • Managed Security Basics

    Managed Security Basics

    Minimise the time and effort involved in staying secure with our Managed Security Basics bundle.

    Protecting your business just got easier

    This includes installation, configuration and ongoing support of best-in-class protective technologies. This service increases protection against the most commonly occurring cyber-attacks and threats.

    • The features of this service are:

      Office 365 Two Factor Authentication, requiring an additional user authorisation step when signing onto a secured service for the first time and every 30 days thereafter. This prevents hackers impersonating the user by guessing or knowing a user’s password. This is the most common external attack by hackers, so adding Two Factor Authentication makes a huge improvement to Cyber Security.
    • Next Gen Anti-Virus (NGAV), the cloud agent helps prevent all types of attacks, known and unknown, by monitoring, responding to attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). An essential component of any Cyber Security defence.
    • Anti-Spam and Anti-Phish, which reduces both nuisance mail reaching your users, but also reduces email attacks, that fool users into entering their passwords or opening malware and other types of threats. The majority of threats originate from email making an Anti-Spam solution a basic building block of any Cyber Security defence.
    • Full disk encryption of your devices which stops data loss in the case of theft or loss of the device. This removes the risk of needing to report a data breach if a device is lost or stolen, as attackers cannot retrieve any information from the device.
    • Cyber-Security Training, a training session designed to keep your users up to date with threats, and the latest tips to stay safe. Run by Office Solutions IT monthly in a webinar format.

    If you have Microsoft 365 Business Premium license (or above), we can leverage that to provide additional protection:

    • Email Sandboxing (Safe-Links and Safe-Attachments), automatically checks email attachments and links by opening them in a secure environment. Helps prevent unknown viruses and threats by seeing what they do before allowing the user to open them. Significantly reduces your risk from threats that are not yet known to anti-virus companies.
    • Conditional Access, we will block access to Office 365 and Azure from other countries or under set conditions and will be configured based on your requirements.
    • Office 365 Data Loss Prevention, detects when confidential information is sent or shared outside the business. Can detect on sending Driver’s License, Passport Number, SWIFT Codes, Credit Cards, Tax File Numbers and Medical Records.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Managed anti-virus

    ✔️ Managed anti-spam

    ✔️ Advanced Threat Protection

    ✔️ 2 Factor Authentication

    ✔️ PC disk encryption

    ✔️ Data Usage Alerting

    ✔️ Office 365 Hardening

    ✔️ Webinar Cyber-Security Training



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  • Managed Security Proactive

    Managed Security Proactive

    Provides a high level of proactive protection designed to prevent attacks before they occur. 

    Keep on top of your business's security needs

    This is done through ongoing user education, monitoring of threats both internal and external and preventing users from doing the wrong thing.

    The features of Managed Security Proactive are:

    • Managed Detection and Response (MDR), continuous monitoring of devices for signs of compromise, backed by human investigation.
    • Web Filtering, Block and prevent users from opening malicious websites both in and out of the office.
    • Regular fake phishing emails sent to your users. These are used to identify and train your users to identify phishing threats. A full report is sent to you including which emails fooled which users.
    • Dark Web Monitoring, users’ passwords that are for sale on the dark web will be immediately reported on. This service includes 1 monitored domain additional domains can be purchased separately.
    • Vulnerability monitoring of publicly-facing services that are exposed to the internet to determine risk and remediation.
    • An annual password audit (Domain Controller Only), where the passwords for all users are brute-forced and vulnerable passwords are revealed. This is reported on to you along with suggested remediation actions.
    • In-Person Cyber Security Awareness Training. An annual training session designed to keep your users up to date with security trends. Can be customized and run at a location of your choosing.
    • USB/Bluetooth Control, prevent users from moving data to personal devices or enforce the use of company storage devices.

    If you have Microsoft 365 Business Premium license (or above), we can leverage that to provide additional protection:

    • Utilize Attack Surface Reduction Rules, Lock down computers to harden them against a potential breach, such as stopping macros from running in office apps.
    • Add password protection for 365 and Azure to prevent users from using known bad or easily guessed passwords.

    If you have a FortiGate with us you can also leverage:

    • Zero Trust Networking, to secure application access by remote workers without the use of VPN's or Tunnels.
    • Centralized VPN profiles, deploy manage and set out how and which users require VPN access back to the office. (Can force always-on VPN if the office meets the requirements)

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Regular Password Auditing

    ✔️ Stop the creation of bad passwords

    ✔️ Attack Surface Reduction (Requires Intune)

    ✔️ Monitor for data breaches on the dark web

    ✔️ Detect malware running in your environment

    ✔️ Scan/Monitor your publicly facing services for Vulnerabilities

    ✔️ Test your employees with email campaigns

    ✔️ Keep Employees Security Aware with Regular Training



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  • Managed Data Security

    Managed Data Security

    Safeguard your data against threats, both inside and outside your business.

    Better manage and protect your critical data

    Features that prevent users and attackers from copying data outside of your organisation combined with features that automatically encrypt your documents grant complete peace of mind when it comes to protecting your intellectual property.

    For example, a user that copies data to a USB drive or Dropbox is still able to see and use that data. However, unbeknownst to them that data is encrypted. If the user leaves your organization or attempts to share that data with a 3rd party, it will not be decrypted and is unable to be accessed.

    Due to the requirements of this service, a Microsoft 365 Business Premium license is required.

    The features of this service are:

    • Manage how users access company data from Mobile Devices. Encrypt company data on mobile devices and require users to use a PIN or Fingerprint to access company data. Allows for company data to be remotely wiped from devices at any time.
    • Customised data alerts and automatic blocks when confidential information is attempted to be shared or sent outside the business. We sit down with you to customise a policy specific to your business. This can include Emails, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.
    • Email encryption protects emails from prying eyes, ensures only the recipient can read the sent email and/or attachment and is unable to forward it. Using this function, you can also recall emails by revoking access to sent messages stopping the recipient from being able to open or view the message.

    If you have Microsoft 365 E3/E5 license or Microsoft EMS E3/E5, we can leverage those to provide additional protection:

    • Create a custom security portal that provides insigh into user activity in SharePoint, cloud apps, office apps and Azure. Customise alerts and review if users and downloading large numbers for SharePoint documents, using suspicious cloud applications, or signing in from odd locations.
    • Use sensitivity labels to manage document permissions including to set watermarks, headers and footers and encrypt documents when saved from inside your existing office apps. Auto-labelling allows documents to be managed by what they contain, automatically encrypting documents and automatically applying permissions.
    • Protect your information by encrypting your data the moment it leaves SharePoint or OneDrive allowing only your users to access that data. If a user leaves the business, they will be locked out access to that data by removing, there ability to decrypt it. You can also manage if certain items can have text copied from them, able to be printed, and much more.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Classify and dictate how your users interact with your data

    ✔️ Encrypt documents taken outside the business

    ✔️ Alert on external user logins from odd times and locations

    ✔️ Manage and Encrypt data at rest on mobiles

    ✔️ Automatically determine and restrict access to sensitive data



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  • Managed Breach Detection

    Managed Breach Detection

    The last line of defence

    It’s hardly news that cyber-attacks are more frequent – and more potent – than ever. But what is new, is their intelligence to outsmart traditional anti-virus systems.

    With malware able to morph into seemingly harmless content to evade your security systems, it means there’s more to fighting off cyber-attacks than updating your anti-virus and hiding behind a spam filter in the hope that your business wins a game of hide and seek.

    Unlike an anti-virus suite, that compares your files with a list of known viruses, we’ll deploy a cloud endpoint detection platform (MDR) that operates as best in its class. The service is designed to add human review and management to an AI-based threat detection platform. This elimiates the risk of missed detections.

    The goal is to raise endpoint security functionality by providing more fully-featured protection against a wide range of potential threats.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Peace of mind 24x7x365 monitoring

    ✔️ Rapid response to unusual file activity

    ✔️ Protection from malware that has breached your front line defences



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  • The Essential Eight

    The Essential Eight

    While no single mitigation strategy is guaranteed to prevent security incidents, the Australian Government recommends organisations to implement eight essential mitigation strategies as a baseline.

    The Australian Government recommends these Essential Eight mitigation strategies

    This baseline, known as the Essential Eight, makes it much harder for adversaries to compromise systems. Furthermore, implementing the Essential Eight proactively can be more cost-effective in terms of time, money and effort than having to respond to a large-scale cyber security incident.

    Implementing these will help to prevent malware delivery and execution.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Application control

    ✔️ Patch applications

    ✔️ User application hardening

    ✔️ Configure Microsoft Office macro settings

    ✔️ Restrict administrative privileges

    ✔️ Patch operating systems

    ✔️ Multi-factor authentication

    ✔️ Daily backups



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  • Managed Application Whitelisting

    Managed Application Whitelisting

    Unlike antivirus, Application Whitelisting manages what software, scripts, executables, and libraries can run on your systems. This "default deny" approach stops malicious software before it even gets a chance to execute.

    The Gold Standard in Protection from malware, viruses, and ransomware

    Application Whitelisting provides protection against ransomware, viruses, and other software-based threats.

    This solution allows users to request access to new applications before they are run.
    It works on a cloud-based platform sending email reports(optional) and provides us with additional application insight to better protect your business.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Block applications from accessing data

    ✔️ Block applications from accessing system resources

    ✔️ Stop untrusted software from running on your systems



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  • Customised Cyber Security Seminar

    Customised Cyber Security Seminar

    Much like our Cyber Security Seminar (above), but instead of a general discussion, our security experts will custom design and present an onsite Cyber Security Seminar at your office.

    IT security isn't just desirable. It's essential.

    We help keep your team up to date with the latest cyber security trends - and best practice techniques - so they can protect your business, identify malicious threats and manage security risks.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Tailored cyber security awareness training

    ✔️ Reduce business risk

    ✔️ Stay on top of your security game



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  • Managed Password Manager

    Managed Password Manager

    There’s a reason cyber security specialists like us, harp on about updating your credentials.

    Auto-pilot for all your passwords

    With passwords causing over 80% of security breaches, password management is one area where it isn’t just desirable to be one step ahead. It’s essential.

    But we know using a unique and complex password for every single online account is easier said than done which is why our Managed Password Manager remembers all your passwords across all your devices, so you don’t have to. It will even generate secure passwords for you automatically whenever you sign up for something new.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Fast access to unique and complex passwords for every account

    ✔️ Share passwords securely and effortlessly

    ✔️ Protection from easy-to-hack passwords



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  • Web Filtering

    Managed Web Filtering

    User error is a primary cause of business security breaches. With web filtering you can control and secure your organisations web traffic by allowing it to filter out potentially harmful or inappropriate content from your network.

    Protection on your network - anywhere & anytime

    Web Filtering protects your employees and business by:

    • Blocking access to malicious or inappropriate websites, while allowing access to approved sites based on policy rules.
    • Protecting against malware, phishing, and other web-based threats, with real-time threat intelligence and automated blocking.
    • Enforcing web usage policies to comply with regulatory requirements and/or company guidelines.
    • Controlling web access to maximize productivity and reduce non-business-related browsing.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Protection from users visiting malicious websites

    ✔️ Protection from cloned websites designed to steal data

    ✔️ Safeguard your business data

    Web Filtering is designed to be a flexible and scalable solution, suitable for small to large businesses with remote or distributed workforces.



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  • Managed Anti-Spam

    Managed Anti-Spam

    Make no mistake: your business security will be tested, and if you spend 10 minutes of your day sifting through the spam in your inbox, it already is. Your security is our priority, but even our complex business security systems can be compromised if the wrong email is opened.

    Risk-free reading

    Millions of spam emails are distributed worldwide every single day. Sadly, all it takes is one to cause serious damage to your business. The good news is, that we’ll filter your incoming email through our intelligent Anti-Spam filters to strip out the malicious content so you’re free to focus on looking after your customers and building your business.

    No risk. No spam. Just a tidy inbox of risk-free reading.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Stops spam cluttering up your inbox and slowing down productivity

    ✔️ Protection from users interacting with malicious emails

    ✔️ Reduce the risk of spreading infected emails throughout your organisation



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  • Managed Anti-Virus

    Managed Anti-Virus

    We deploy and monitor a cloud Next-Gen Antivirus (NGAV) that utilizes endpoint monitoring, static AI analysis, behavioral baseline detection, and canaries, to remediate both known and unknown threats. NGAV can detect never before seen malware and is superior to traditional Antivirus that focuses on heuristics and known virus definitions.

    Power of Protection

    In your digital life, you rely on your IT systems every day - when you're surfing, socializing, banking, and doing business.

    We’ll look after the live anti-virus scanning, notifications and automatic removal of malware, so you’re free to focus on looking after your customers and building your business.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Peace of mind protection from known trojans, spyware and malware

    ✔️ Protect your team from phishing attacks and data theft

    ✔️ Intrusion protection from hackers



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  • Managed Vulnerability Management

    Managed Vulnerability Management

    We offer a Cloud-based vulnerability management platform for complete visibility into the assets and vulnerabilities in your organization. 

    Find the security holes in your Infrastructure

    Managed Vulnerability Management provides comprehensive vulnerability coverage with the ability to predict which security issues to remediate first. It’s your complete end-to-end vulnerability management solution.

    Reports can be generated on demand or scheduled that include details of all vulnerabilities that can then be used to lower the risk profile of the business. This service is often used to satisfy auditing and compliance requirements.

    Includes labour to deploy and manage the scanner, as well as to discuss the report and potential solutions. Remediation of discovered vulnerabilities is not included in this Managed Service.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Find and detect security holes

    ✔️ Identify key ways to tighten network security

    ✔️ Prevent/mitigate against attacks



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  • darkweb-2

    Managed Dark Web Monitoring

    Dark Web Monitoring of user credentials. Any users’ passwords that are for sale on the dark web will be immediately reported so that remedial action can be taken.

    Is your information for sale on the Dark Web?

    Our staff will receive a report when a breach occurs and alerts you to the impacted account and credentials. If the item is of concern they will work with you through a process to best remediate the breach.

    Have us compile a complementary scan of the Dark Web - Click here.

    Remediation of issues is not included in this Managed Service.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Identify breached accounts

    ✔️ Identify your exposure

    ✔️ Leverage our alerts and process



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  • Managed Simulated Attacks

    Managed Simulated Attacks

    Surviving in today’s complex marketplace isn’t just about a healthy bottom line and up-to-date anti-virus.

    Avoid the cost of downtime

    Be ready for the inevitable. With thousands of phishing attacks happening every day, the focus is no longer on prevention - we can’t stop the emails - but we can help you prepare for them.

    Our simulated phishing attacks will put your business – and your team - to the test to show you how your business would perform against a real-world phishing attack.

    We’ll randomly deploy a simulated phishing attack on your business 4 times a year, so you can discover your security weaknesses before the attackers do. We’ll even provide you with a detailed report highlighting your performance – and access to an online catalogue of resources - so your team can learn how to better protect your most critical assets every day.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Identify security weaknesses before cyber attackers do

    ✔️ Know what areas of your business need investment and what you can safely ignore for now.

    ✔️ Get clear on the current status of your business security



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  • Managed 2 Factor Authentication Advanced

    Managed 2 Factor Authentication Advanced

    Our advanced version means you can enforce tighter security measures for all of your online accounts.

    Need even more peace of mind and security?
    Piece of cake.

    Unlike our Standard Two Factor Authentication service (above), our advanced version means you can enforce tighter security measures for all of your online accounts, so you can relax knowing your data - and your business - are protected, even if your password is compromised.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Protection of your Office 365 accounts from brute force password guessing algorithms

    ✔️ Secure your Office 365 Outlook and OneDrive data even if your password is compromised

    ✔️ Protect your team and business from identity theft



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  • Security Policy Creation

    Security Policy Creation

    We’ll document everything you need to know to stay on top of your security game and you won’t require an IT degree to read it.

    Everything you need to know to stay safe - in plain English

    From email standards and handling sensitive data, to social media access and how to respond to cyber incidents – we’ll provide you with a custom plain-English security policy, so your team knows what business assets you need to protect, the threats to those assets, and the best practice methods to protect them.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Identify cyber threats to critical business assets

    ✔️ Best practice cyber security measures

    ✔️ Easy to understand plain English security policy



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  • Managed Security Operations Centre

    Managed Security Operations Centre

    You need a proactive process that detects and solves suspected cyber security breaches. That's where our Managed Security Operations Centre comes to play.

    Threat hunting at its finest

    Keeping cyber risks at bay is no easy task.

    Unlike standard monitoring, a security operations centre (SOC) includes an in-depth security analysis and log collection of potential cyber security breaches, also called security information and event management (SIEM).

    In short, we'll take the reins of detecting, analysing, and fighting off any possible cyber threats in your IT so you can sit back, relax, and do what you do best.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Ideal for fulfilling compliance requirements

    ✔️ 24/7 Availability

    ✔️ Ability to log and monitor network threats



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  • Managed Elevation Control

    Managed Elevation Control

    Our cloud based Elevation Control solution provides additional protection against ransomware, viruses, and other software-based threats by creating custom policies for when an application is allowed to run with elevated permissions.

    This allows you to remove a users local admin rights and allow only approved software to run with elevated permissions on your endpoints (computers and servers)

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Gives you the ability to approve or deny an individual’s access to specific applications within an organization even if the user is not a local administrator.

    ✔️ Users can request permission to elevate applications and attach files and notes to support their requests.



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