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Cyber Security

Make your business a digital fortress

Can you afford to invest in the right cyber security? More to the point: can you afford not to? With the combined remediation costs and PR damage a security breach can generate, IT security is one area where it isn’t just desirable to think proactively. It’s essential. 

The good news is, as a trusted provider of cyber security to Perth businesses, we make navigating the IT security minefield feel like a walk in the park.

Our comprehensive cyber risk solutions include a 360˚ audit of your IT security, a report on your weak spots and implementation of a common-sense plan of action. This will mitigate your IT security risks, so you can carry on doing business safe in the knowledge your data, IP and customers are protected.

Office Solutions IT support engineers

Your security. Our priority.

Protect your business

Make sure your valuable data and IP don’t fall into the wrong hands, and safeguard the privacy of your customers.

Avoid costly breaches

Fixing security breaches can be an expensive business. The bad PR and reputational damage can be even more costly.

Minimise your investment

Don’t pay for security software you don’t need. Minimise the time and effort involved in staying secure.

Compliance? Check.

Do you know your data and privacy protection obligations? How about the costs for failing to meet them?

Make security second nature

Security training will help ensure everyone within your business maintains IT security best practice, day in, day out.

Focus on the important stuff

When your IT setup is secure, you’re free to focus on looking after your customers and building your business.

Managed Device Control
Ability to block unwanted devices such as USB memory sticks being connected to your company computers.
Managed Email Sandboxing
Protection from very advanced email threats by allowing unknown content to run in a contained environment to observe its behaviour before it reaches your IT environment.
Managed Gateway Security
Installation, management, support, upgrades and updates of your UTM device/s, including associated services such as Intrusion Prevention, Content Filtering and Gateway Antivirus.
Managed Mobile Protection
Protection and management of your mobile fleet. Ability to secure company data on company and non-company issued phones alike.
Managed Password Manager
Store your passwords and share them between team members securely. Maintain high level of password complexity easily and at the same time minimise the impact of key logging malware.
Managed Policy Training
Working with you to ensure all your team members are aware of the company's cyber security policies
DNS Protection
Protect your laptop computers from malicious websites when they are out of the office.
Managed Anti Spam
Cloud-based antivirus and antispam solution protecting you from the latest email threats.
Managed Anti Virus
Cloud based antivirus solution providing protection for your computers and servers from the latest threats.
Managed Application Control
Control which applications are allowed to run in your environment through a whitelist. Great defence mechanism against ransomware type of attacks.
Managed Breach Detection
Detect persistent hacking breaches improving the chance of detecting a breach should one occur.
Managed Email Encryption & DLP
Encrypt email communication, including attachments, to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, and prevent accidental data loss via emails.
Managed Endpoint Encryption
Encrypt your computer's hard disk drive preventing unauthorised access to stored data when stolen or lost.
Managed Security Awareness Training

Build cyber security awareness within your team proactively. Product includes:

- 2x Training Sessions per year

- 4x Simulated Attacks per year

- Ongoing Reporting and Management
Managed Two Factor Authentication
Second factor authentication during the login process for your IT services minimising the impact of key logging malware.
Risk Assessment
A comprehensive risk assessment of your environment, outlining recommendations and areas to address in regards to your cyber security risks.
Security Policy Creation
Security Policy Creation

“I can’t fault OSIT’s rapid-response IT support. If I report an issue, they’re there straight away, finding a way to get me back online. It’s so reassuring, and definitely one less thing to worry about.”


“We’re definitely getting a bigger bang for our IT buck with OSIT. They’ve found cost savings in a host of areas, and their prompt IT support services mean we’re able to focus on business, rather than worrying about IT issues.”


Navigate the IT security minefield with confidence

The IT security landscape is shifting all the time, and keeping up to date can be a challenge. But with one of the top cyber security companies in Perth on your side, it’s a challenge we can handle for you, so get in touch and and find out how our IT security services can protect your business.