Case Study

How a law firm improved their IT system and data security with OSIT

About IRDI Legal

Leederville, Western Australia

Users: 46 Employees

Industry: Legal



IRDI Legal approach your most challenging legal issues with IRDI insight. Since 1986, IRDI Legal have built their reputation by exceeding their clients’ expectations.

IRDI Legal embrace building relationships with clients and colleagues. The Irdi Legal team combine deep professional knowledge with real empathy for client needs and provide responsive, thoughtful solutions. Known as IRDI insight - it’s what sets Irdi Legal apart with a great team of lawyers dedicated to building one-on-one relationships with clients ready to go the extra mile to deliver. Irdi Legal provide a range of services specialising in Estate Planning and Administration, Commercial and Corporate and Property Law.

Business Objectives

  • Reduce business interruptions
  • Increase staff efficiency and billable hours
  • Improve business flexibility to scale and work from home
  • Safeguard confidential data with enterprise cyber security

Executive Summary

IRDI Legal moves from Ad-Hoc IT and Reduces Business Interruptions with Office Solutions IT Managed Services

With a growing practice pushing the demands on their existing IT systems to the limit, the leadership team at IRDI Legal recognised that their unreliable IT systems needed an overhaul. When they engaged our IT services they understood the need for reliable and trustworthy service that works.

In the past, their support, systems and approach to IT had been ad-hoc, which they found to be inflexible, unreliable and caused an ever-increasing number of issues to their business services. When the opportunity came up to evaluate their options, they spoke with a dedicated Office Solutions IT partner to eradicate their ongoing issues and provide a scalable managed IT services solution.

The Challenges

Chain reactions and business interruptions

Like many long established businesses, IRDI Legal had been relying on Ad-Hoc IT support to troubleshoot systems and provision more services. Which ‘did the job’ until the demands of modern business, and an increasing need for operational flexibility stretched their existing IT to the limit.
The IRDI Legal team were frustrated when changes to the business processes and systems used by the team resulted in a chain reaction causing business interruptions due to the limitations of the IT systems.

The assortment of IT infrastructure and band-aid solutions applied in the past created a myriad of on-premises solutions which they found to be inflexible - causing major restrictions to the productivity of the organisation.


The Solution

Redesign Project and Dedicated IT Support Team

IRDI Legal required a system that would grow with the business, without causing a chain reaction or downtime each time they needed to scale their operations.

IRDI Legal were presented with a tailored IT project to leverage their existing IT infrastructure and completely re-design the way it was configured to make it more efficient, reliable and flexible for the business, without having to purchase any additional hardware.

The IRDI legal team are now supported by a dedicated team of engineers and an Office Solutions IT Partner. In addition to vCIO services to help the leadership team make informed business decisions with their IT strategy, IRDI now have the support and resources to maintain, support and scale their IT systems.

The Results

All-Inclusive Fixed Price IT Support

IRDI Legal have transformed not only their dated on-premise IT system to a modern, secure and highly reliable workplace, they have also transformed their approach towards IT – embracing it as a means to reach more clients and deliver even more of their services, wherever they choose to log in from.

IRDI Legal’s decision to partner with Office Solutions IT and modernising their business with Microsoft 365 has not only reduced their footprint, but they also now use less servers and require less licensing too. The systems are streamlined, standardised and user-friendly – a transition welcomed by the entire team with minimal impact to their clients and users.

IRDI Legal are now supported by a dedicated Office Solutions IT Partner and a team of IT engineers that proactively monitor, support and maintain their IT systems. Which has had a measurable result on IRDI’s operational efficiency - seeing a 72% increase in efficiency across their IT systems.