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Make IT firefighting a thing of the past

Stop reacting to IT issues. Start averting them and making your IT resources and budget work harder, with one of the leading providers of IT support in Perth, WA.

Enjoy your very own Office Solutions Managed IT Support team that’s on hand to support your IT day in, day out. And with transparent pricing that’s guaranteed to deliver more bang for your IT buck, you can get off the back foot and spend less time counting the productivity cost of fighting IT fires, and more time fighting for market share.

From shared IT (that dovetails with your inhouse IT resources) and specialist cyber security and disaster continuity expertise, through to IT reporting and IT Management to ensure you are always improving your IT ROI and productivity, we have a wealth of IT support services in Perth to tap into.

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Enabling you to do more with IT

IT Support (without the wait)

When your IT stops working, so do you. We get it. And we get onto it. ASAP.

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Stop losing and start saving

Turn IT from a bottom-less pit into a bottom-line boosting asset.

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Minimise your IT headaches

Don’t just get by. Get on top of your IT. Get IT that works, day in, day out.

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Stop wasting time on IT

Start focusing on what matters to you, with IT that works the way it should.

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We have a wealth of capabilities to tap into

One point of contact

We’ll give you a dedicated IT Manager, who will be there with top-level advice at your monthly catch-ups and oversee every facet of your IT day to day.

One Goldilocks team

Not some vast team that doesn’t know you and is slow to react. Not a one-man band that lacks capacity. We give you a small-but-experienced team that’s juuuuust right.

Get issues resolved super fast

On average, we respond to normal issues in just 18 minutes, and to high-priority issues in only three minutes. That’s fast. In fact, that’s industry leading.

Stay up and running

If an issue comes out of leftfield, we're around 24x7 to get you up and running again ASAP. We'll even dig deep to address the underlying issue so it doesn’t crop up again. Uptime is everything.

Never get caught out

From our initial health check, to our ongoing check-ups, we always have a 360˚ view of your IT setup, so we can identify issues proactively, before they disrupt you.

Focus on the important stuff

We’re constantly thinking about your IT, so you don’t have to give it a second thought. Less time dealing with IT. More time focusing on your work and business.


The goal of monitoringis to identify incidents, even when they have not yet caused a noticeable service interruption or service degradation.

Regular verification of system functionality is conducted using automated alerting features within software as well as the Office Solutions IT management agent, which is installed on each client server, desktop and laptop.

Automated checking for issues with backups, antivirus, disk capacity and health, memory and processor utilisation and other services. Monitoring is continually enhanced to include additional IT services.

Access Management

The goal of access management is to ensure that an authorisation process is followed to obtain approval from an appropriate person prior to work being undertaken.

Access Management processes are implemented to meet the client requirements, and may include obtaining approval before commencing work on any service requests, or obtaining approval only prior to commencing work on service requests which involve a security related change. Security related changes can include creation of new login accounts, modifying access to data, modifying email flow, etc.

Managed Updates

Office Solutions IT initiated updates to Microsoft Windows systems with the Office Solutions IT management agent installed.

Includes installation of service packs, patches and security updates for Microsoft Windows server and desktop operating systems, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office, while these products are within the Microsoft supported lifecycle. Does not include upgrades to different editions or new versions of these applications.

Incident Management

An incident is an unplanned interruption to a service or a reduction in the quality of a service.

The goal of incident management is to restore normal operation as soon as possible and to minimise the adverse impact on business operations.

The focus is not on finding the root cause of the incident, especially if that would delay the restoration of normal service. If the underlying root cause needs to be investigated, the incident should be resolved or a workaround established. A problem is then initiated through the problem management process.

Problem Management

A problem is the cause of one or more incidents. The goal is to prevent future incidents, or to minimise the impact of those incidents which can’t be prevented.

It is not necessary to determine the cause of a problem for every incident, only those incidents which have occurred multiple times, are likely to occur again in the future, or which will have a large business impact should they reoccur. Problem management can be reactive or proactive.

Reactive problem management can identify problems from suspicion or detection of a cause of one or more incidents; analysis of an incident by a technical support group; automated detection of an infrastructure or application fault; or notification from a supplier or contractor that a problem exists.

Proactive problem management can identify problems from analysis of incidents, trending of historical incidents, or quality of service activities.

Proactive Maintenance

Office Solutions IT initiated auditing and changes to IT systems to prevent or reduce the probability of incidents.

Typical activities include installation of service packs, patches and security updates for Adobe Reader, Flash, Air and Shockwave, Apple iTunes and Safari, Chrome, Firefox, PDF Creator and Java. Installation of service packs, patches and security updates for hardware and software managed by Office Solutions IT is included while these products are within their supported lifecycle and while the product is under warranty, or has an agreement in place with the product vendor for support and updates.

Resolution of incidents or problems as the result of a service pack, patch or security update performed by a third party may be excluded.


Repeatable processes are automated where possible, to improve our ability to resolve incidents and problems, and complete service requests in an efficient and consistent manner.

Automation allows for the automatic resolution of some incidents, to aid in the gathering of information required to resolve other incidents, to reduce the time required for software deployments, and to ensure that standard processes are followed when completing service requests. This allows us to improve the reliability of our client’s IT systems and reduces support costs by saving time in resolving incidents, problems and completing service requests. Our automation is continually developed and enhanced to improve our service.

Service Request: Configure

Configuration type service requests are client initiated requests for information or advice, or to make standard changes to existing hardware, software or services.

The goal of service request fulfilment is to provide a channel for the client to request and receive standard changes to the configuration of IT services.

Service Request: Decommission

The client initiated removal or retirement of hardware, software, services or configuration which are is no longer in use.

This includes deactivation of accounts, physical removal of equipment, secure removal of data, disposal of hardware and updating of documentation related to the hardware, software or services being decommissioned.

Service Request: Install

The client initiated addition of hardware, software, services or configuration. This includes setup of new computers, new software and new user accounts; setup of a new user profile on an existing computer; configuration of new equipment; addition of new features to existing software or services; testing of new hardware, software or services; and resolution of any incidents or problems arising because of new hardware, software or services.

Equipment Recycling

Decommissioned IT equipment is dis-assembled and re-usable materials such as steel, copper and aluminum are recovered. Hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic are safely separated and contained to prevent them ending up in landfills and waterways. Any data stored on equipment is securely destroyed prior to recycling.

Scheduled Engineer Visits

Regular onsite visits from a Support Engineer are booked.

The visit duration and frequency is determined by the client’s requirements. This service can improve the employee’s engagement and experience with IT systems, as staff often have minor frustrations which they may not place a support request for, but will report to a visiting Support Engineer.

Additionally, the Support Engineer will often identify ways to increase the benefits staff obtain from existing IT systems by observing staff workflow and identifying potential improvements.Efficiency can be obtained by scheduling multiple low priority IT tasks to be handled during a regular scheduled visit.

Managed Anti Spam

A full managed email anti-spam and email anti-virus solution which provides email filtering and protection from spam, phishing and fraud attempts, content and attachment filtering.

Filtering is provided for both inbound and outbound emails. A complete email anti-spam and email anti-virus solution which includes deployment, configuration, updates and ongoing maintenance. 

Managed Anti-Virus

A fully managed security solution to provide protection for computers and servers. A complete anti-virusservice which includes deployment, configuration, updates and ongoing maintenance of the anti-virus solution.

“We used to get bogged down with IT all the time, but it isn’t an issue anymore. We have a great IT Manager who keeps us up to date, but basically takes care of everything for us."


“I used to waste so much time and effort trying to stay on top of our IT situation, but these days I leave it all to OSIT, which means I can focus on business. They really get it."


Turn that IT frown upside down

IT isn’t supposed to distract you from the important stuff. It’s supposed to enable you to do more of it, more efficiently. And that’s our sole purpose at Office Solutions IT – delivering IT support services that take care of the complex business of managing IT, so you can focus on your business. Get in touch and find out more.