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Trusted and responsive IT support services you can rely on.

IT support services you can count on

Finding the right IT support company for your business is no easy task. We get it, and we can help you get it. We understand that downtime is a serious threat to businesses so we've built our foundation around fast, effective and affordable IT support services that you can rely on. 

Whether it's local IT support in Perth or IT support for business and/or industry throughout Australia, our clients place their trust in us thanks to our proven track record of client success. 

Our customers are nurtured by their own dedicated IT support team so they can focus on what they do best - fighting for market share. If this sounds like the support you need, we welcome you to get in touch so we can show you what quality IT support is all about and how our range of IT services can support your business.

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Our IT Support and Service Process

We'll keep your business engine running.

If there’s a recurring or deep-seated issue, we will address it. Our immediate goal is to get you back in business ASAP and we do it by resolving your IT support tickets within the same day.

✔️ Prioritised incident resolution

✔️ All the IT support you need to get the job done

✔️ Trusted and reliable IT support services you can count on

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We set the pace for your industry.

When it comes to rapid IT support for business, we've streamlined our services so that on average, we're able to respond to high-priority incidents in only 3 minutes and normal incidents in just 18 minutes.

✔️ Rapid-response IT support

✔️ Stay one step ahead of downtime

✔️ 24 x 7 x 365 it support you can trust

IT support services at OSIT

We give you a goldilocks team.

Not some vast team that doesn’t know you and is slow to react. Not a one-man band that lacks capacity. We give you a small but experienced team that’s just right.

✔️ Best practice IT support services on tap

✔️ IT support for Perth and Western Australian businesses

✔️ IT support for business enterprises right around Australia

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IT support services that fit like a glove

Enjoy your very own Office Solutions IT Support team that’s on hand to support your IT day in, day out.

From ad hoc Essentials IT that’s on tap and on the ball, to a dedicated Partner and all-inclusive Managed IT support, we have a wealth of IT Support services and transparent pricing that’s guaranteed to deliver more bang for your IT buck.

Essentials IT

Why you might want Essentials Plus Security Basics

On Demand Support

All day, everyday health monitoring of your devices

Access to our Support App

Cyber Security Protection

No lock-in contracts

On tap. On the ball.

When it hits the fan, hit us up. We’ll be there, springing into action like a surprisingly handsome band of IT superheroes to get you back up and running faster than ever before.

It's that easy!

That’s Essential IT Support.

Managed IT

Why you might want Managed IT

Set and Forget IT Support

Dedicated Partner

Stay one step ahead of downtime

Your IT. 100% our responsibility

Imagine driving to a meeting and getting green lights all the way. Now imagine your car is driving itself.

That’s how Managed IT Support feels. With a dedicated Partner and team all over every aspect of your IT – software, security, backups, hardware, the cloud, updates, maintenance, the works – you have nothing to do or worry about.

We’ll keep your IT purring, so you can focus on the important stuff.

Trusted by Australian businesses & organisations

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We make IT happen

(and we have the stats to back it up)

Users and growing

It's the number of users we currently support.

Growing client base

We have clients that spans across Australia and beyond.

Managed devices

It's the number of devices we currently support.

Tickets that meet SLA

The average number of tickets that will meet service-level agreements

Years of service

We've been supporting Australian businesses since 1996.


"Our OSIT team know our IT situation like the back of their hands and consequently, there are minimal issues. When there is a problem, it’s resolved quickly and efficiently."

Mark Waite - Youth Futures



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Common Questions

Here's the frequently asked questions we receive from individuals and organisations, just like yours, who are in need of reliable IT support.

You can also explore our collection of IT support blogs for more helpful answers.

Absolutely. Our Essentials plan is our no-frills, no-fuss, IT support plan. There are no monthly fees, no contracts and no lock-in periods, so you can use (and discontinue using) our services after one engagement without question.

We support clients across Australia. And when we say ‘across’, we mean everywhere, from all the state capitals to the most remote locations. And when we say ‘Australia’, we mean clients who also have offices and operations in several states.

We work with clients of all sizes, from sole traders and start-ups to clients with 500+ employees. Our flexible service model means we can tailor and scale our IT expertise and resources to suit your changing requirements, so you’re never paying for stuff you don’t need.

Absolutely. We can do fit-to-tailor IT support plans. We create a custom IT plan, so you can use our services according to what your business actually needs.

Aren’t all superheroes available outside regular business hours? While our standard support hours are from 7:30 to 5:30 pm WST Monday to Friday, we’re here for you 24/7. Please note that out-of-hours fees may apply.

Faster than you can say, ‘Industry-leading IT support response times.’
OK, maybe not that quickly, but pretty fast. In fact, on average we respond to IT issues within 18 minutes. 

Our clients don’t like hidden costs, and neither do we, so the price we quote is the price you pay. There's no contract, commitment period or minimum term. Once you've completed the sign up form,  you're welcome to use and discontinue using our services whenever you like.

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