Case Study

How a Not-for-Profit organisation improved their IT system with Microsoft 365 and OSIT

About Womens Health and Family Services

Northbridge, Western Australia

Users: 51 - 200

Industry: Not for profit: Healthcare



Womens Health & Family Services is a not for profit organisation which has been providing services for Western Australian women since 1977. Programs and Services at WHFS include medical, counselling, drug and alcohol support, domestic violence, mental health and other health services for women and their families. Creche facilities and interpreting services are also available.

Business Objectives

  • Improve team member efficiency
  • Remove system bottlenecks, so they can reach more people and deliver more services, easily and quickly with reliable IT systems.
  • Meet Essential 8 cybersecurity compliance standards
  • Reduce waiting times for clients seeking their services

Executive Summary

Womens Health and Family Services makes the switch to Office Solutions IT

The board at Womens Health and Family Services (WHFS) believed that technology could be leveraged to reach more people in need of their services but didn’t have the right system and support to take their service delivery to the next level.

The tools that the team were using to deliver their critical services were slow and inconsistent, and frustrations grew daily as business interruptions increased. When the opportunity came up to secure a grant and transform their IT services and systems, Felicite Black, CEO at WHFS jumped at the chance and partnered with Office Solutions IT.

The Challenges

Dated system and inconsistencies causing frustrations and outages

Felicite Black was frustrated by how the limitations of the systems and tools used by the team impeded their ability to deliver critical services efficiently.

Felicite recognised that the IT infrastructure had been patched up in the past to make do, but now it was overloaded and failing, causing interruptions to their business operations. There were inconsistencies everywhere she looked, team members using different versions of their healthcare management software, old computers, the phone system was buggy, and it felt like whenever they tried resolving one issue another one would pop up; it wasn’t just one frustration – it was a lot of different things that prompted Felicite to reach out to the team at Office Solutions IT.


The Solution

Modern Workplace Project and Tailored Managed Services Agreement

Felicite required a high availability IT system that their organisation and clients could rely on. Having worked with Office Solutions IT in the past, Felicite decided to partner with them once again as she trusted them to deliver a project and ongoing support that would scale and grow with their organisation.

A digital transformation Project was rolled out to Womens Health and Family Services lead by a dedicated Office Solutions IT Partner. This project has leveraged the security and reliability of the Microsoft 365 platform and seen the unreliable IT infrastructure replaced for cloud services, providing a significant performance increase to their operational flexibility, remote access and telecommunications.

90 Computers were configured with a standard operating environment and deployed to the team members to ensure consistency across the organisation. While their email and file services were migrated to Microsoft 365, the use of services such as Intune has enabled the organisation to centrally manage and support end users.

WHFS were also provided with a dedicated Partner and support team to provide ongoing proactive support and maintenance of their IT systems including quarterly vCIO services to help them align their IT needs and compliance requirements, such as the Essential 8 cyber security standards, with their business objectives.


The Results

Womens Health and Family Services Responds Faster with Microsoft 365 and Office Solutions IT

The team at WHFS has felt a significant improvement in their IT system, which is reflected in the drop off of server issues causing organisational interruptions. The infrastructure used by the team today is standardised, consistent and leverages cloud technology which makes it easier to use and is also reflected in the significant reduction of support requests.

While WHFS still handle a lot of low-level IT issues internally, decisions are now more strategic due to the coaching and assistance of the ongoing vCIO services they receive from their dedicated IT partner.

WHFS continue to enjoy a tight knit relationship with their dedicated support team and use Office Solutions IT as a first point of contact for all of their consulting queries for Essential 8 cyber security compliance, insurance or solutions for organisational problems that arise. 

Most of all, Felicite and the WHFS team finds having a modern and reliable IT system helps them to free up future grants to invest in more service capability, reduce organisational interruptions and increase the efficiency of their work which means they can reach more people in need of their services.