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Tailored business communication services to connect with ease

Prepare your business for the future and unlock your team’s full potential with a communications solution set for success.

We deliver an array of industry solutions for a host of Australian businesses, with a focus on innovative solutions that help achieve target goals, ROI and productivity.

From integrating cloud computing or consolidating your IT expenses, through to developing an effective back-up strategy, our IT services team has the technical expertise to support you wherever you need us.


Tailored business communication services to connect with ease

Efficient. Unified. Empowering.

Unified Communications

Accelerate employee productivity with innovative communication and collaboration tools.

Innovative Collaboration

Unify teams and collaborate more effectively on any location with integrated communications.

Business-grade Connection

Premium, reliable, and symmetrical. It’s (almost) everything your business needs to move forward.

Microsoft Teams Environment

Collaborate with people all in one place. No matter the location, easily connect within one application.

More Efficient IT

Faster internet + Seamless team collaboration. Realise your business potential at full speed.

Quick Painless Migration

Transition to a new internet and communications service in no time. No headaches. No hassle.


“I've been very impressed by you guys. Always prompt. Good communication. Clearly know your stuff. Methodical in working through the problems. No belittling.”

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Our Business Communication Services

Our veritable a la carte menu of bolt-on Communications services means we’re able to handpick the best IT services for your business, so you get the business communication solution you need without paying for extras you don’t need.

  • Business Internet

    Business Internet

    Our Business Internet solution is ideal for maintaining momentum and boosting workflow.

    Empower your Business with Fast, Reliable Internet

    Are you thinking of upgrading to a 4G, ADSL, Ethernet-over-Copper, or Fibre internet service? Let your Business Internet solution deliver consistent, quality service without fail to help customers better and improve employee productivity.

    Our business internet service can provide a myriad of benefits as with other internet service providers. The only difference is that we connect with the internet service that's right for you - so you only pay for what you need. No more, no less.

    You can expect flexible bandwidths, 99% uptime, proactive coverage, and a dedicated internet connection.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Consistent & proactive connection

    ✔️ Ideal for growing or fast-paced businesses

    ✔️ 99% Uptime



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  • Teams Voice Calling

    Teams Voice Calling

    Our Teams voice solutions is a perfect solution for seamless collaboration.

    Integrate your Phones with Microsoft Teams

    Allow your people to make and receive calls directly through Microsoft Teams, either from their mobiles, desk phones or computers.

    Using our Cloud Voice platform, we can provide the same feature-rich environment to your desktops and mobiles. In line with our cloud voice offering above, you can expect fast provisioning, 99.99% availability and management from a managed online portal.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ One place for all collaboration

    ✔️ Ideal for Working from Home

    ✔️ Enterprise phone features



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  • Cloud Voice

    Cloud Voice

    Requiring nothing other than a reliable Internet connection, Cloud Voice is ideal for single or multisite businesses.

    Reliable phones that work where you do

    Our Cloud Voice service enables your offices, remote workers and customers to connect, collaborate and work from anywhere – without the need for an onsite phone system or landlines to support it.

    It's secure, locally supported and hosted right here in Australia. Oh, and it's feature-rich too.

    Fraud mitigation, call groups, recording, analytics and softphone apps are included, so your team can answer calls on their preferred device, even if they are out of the office. And with access to your own online portal, you can add or remove locations or users in real-time, so you’ll only pay for services that your business needs.

    Our flexible Cloud Voice is fast to set up, easy to use, and with 99.99% availability – it’s a hosted phone system your business can rely on.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Low cost of ownership

    ✔️ 50+ Ring strategy features

    ✔️ Works where you do



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  • Optimised Video Conferencing

    Optimised Video Conferencing

    Video conferencing boosts productivity, saves time, reduces travel expenses and overall promotes collaboration.

    Turbo-charge your digital workforce

    Traditional meetings require planning in advance to accommodate time and travel to a specific meeting location.

    Switching to video conferencing allows you to virtualise meetings, making scheduling and attending a whole lot easier. The main advantage of video conferencing is the ability to facilitate all of those benefits without requiring constant travel for face-to-face communication.

    Our Optimised Video Conferencing allows you to connect and share ideas from anywhere effortlessly. Our video conferencing solution lets your teams talk, share files and screens easily and integrates directly with Microsoft Teams. This service includes hardware, installation and training for staff.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Share ideas from anywhere

    ✔️ Seamless team collaboration

    ✔️ Save time and travel



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