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There’s a reason we’re an industry leader in managed IT services in Australia.

Typically, IT management services are reactive – if an IT requirement pops up, your managed IT service provider will take care of it - eventually. But that’s not how we roll. And with a dedicated Office Solutions partner on the case, neither will you.

You see, technology isn’t just there to help you do stuff. When you think about IT and your business strategically – like we do – technology is the key to unlocking the potential of your business.

Our vCIO services can transform your small business with a proactive approach to IT support that will enable you to make better data-driven business decisions and nail your IT budget.

From actively improving your IT ROI and productivity, through to tapping into the wealth of IT smarts within our team to resolve issues before they become problems, we’ll look after your business and IT like it’s our own.

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Customised, proactive and strategic virtual CIO support

Minimise your IT costs

Get ideas, insights and tailored recommendations on how to reduce your operational IT costs.

Budget more effectively

Access detailed reports and advice so you can plan and use your IT budget better with a dedicated partner.

Move forward with confidence

Relax knowing you have the IT resources and strategy you need to support your growth.

Make working with IT easy

Streamline IT processes. Give your people IT training that saves them time and stress. Make life easier all round.

Supercharge your workforce

Promote collaboration. Enable innovation. Ensure your people have all the business intel they need to excel.

Focus on business, not IT

Leave it to us to worry about the next big thing in business IT. You’ve got more important things to do.


“We used to get bogged down with IT all the time, but it isn’t an issue anymore. We have a great IT Manager who keeps us up to date, but basically takes care of everything for us.”

Kevin Wright - SW Hart & co



vCIO Services

Our veritable a la carte menu of bolt-on professional IT consulting services means we’re able to cherry-pick the best and brightest services for your business, so you get all the services you need, without paying for stuff you don’t. Get in touch and find out more.

  • IT Support Review Meeting

    IT Support Review Meeting

    We benchmark our performance. So, when we say direct accountable support, we mean it.

    Hold us to account

    We’ll schedule regular meetings with you to discuss the general health of your IT environment, our short and long-term incident recommendations, and report on our SLA performance to ensure we are surpassing your expectations.

    We will also take the opportunity to review completed projects, outstanding quotes and keep you up to date with any relevant changes in the IT world that may impact your business.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Dedicated IT partner

    ✔️ One point of contact

    ✔️ Direct accountable support



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    IT Needs Analysis

    Taking the complexities away from IT is what we do.

    Maximising your IT value

    We are continually monitoring your business requirements to ensure you're sufficiently supported, and everything works, day in, and day out. And not just your inbox. From operational costs to service prioritisation, our Needs Assessment make the business of getting more out of your IT, as easy as pie.

    Every year, we’ll walk you through a series of value statements to determine your business priorities and provide you with a report detailing how your current IT services match up to your requirements. We’ll also document our IT budget and service recommendations, so you’ll get all the support you need without paying for stuff you don’t.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Simplified IT budgeting

    ✔️ Tailored IT services

    ✔️ More bang for your IT buck



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  • Business Optimisation Architecture

    Business Optimisation Architecture

    We’re technology agnostic, which is just a fancy way of saying we only ever choose the right technologies and tools for the job.

    All the ingredients for the perfect time - and money - saving IT solution

    And because we continually analyse the latest hardware and software, we’ve designed a business-critical library of technology recommendations that go hand in hand to deliver the most bang for your IT buck.

    Why’s this important you ask? Well, our team will analyse the average costs and time required to support your current setup and compare this with our recommended stack of products. We call this a Stack Analysis. And it means you’ll know precisely where you can save money, prevent downtime and get more features, for less, across every aspect of your IT.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Save money

    ✔️ Reduce downtime

    ✔️ Operational cost comparisons



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  • IT Quality Improvement Analysis

    IT Quality Improvement Analysis

    Every year we take a proactive deep dive into the cause of your IT incidents, recurring issues and long-term problems to review the performance and reliability of your IT systems over the last 12 months.

    Break free of ongoing issues and get ahead with quality IT you can rely on

    We’ll dissect all of the data before providing you with a plain-English breakdown of the financial impact these incidents and problems are costing your business and what we recommend doing to level up your IT that will see a reduction in not only, the number of incidents, but also the time and money you invest in IT support.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Proactive analysis of IT issues in last 12 months

    ✔️ Recommendations to reduce incidents and problems

    ✔️ Get clear on the financial impact of your current IT



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  • IT Health and Security Check

    IT Health and Security Check

    Our regular IT Health checks include a plain-English report of your overall IT health and security across your IT. This is a snapshot overview of all the risks you have in your IT.

    Your risks are our priority

    Allow us to show you what proactive IT management looks like.

    To help with understanding, we’ll even assess the results and assign a no-need-for-an-IT-degree compliance rating, so you can quickly understand what areas of your IT need attention and what you can safely ignore.

    From there, you can choose what issues (if any) you’d like to address.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Identify business IT risks and vulnerabilities

    ✔️ Response Plain English breakdown of security risks

    ✔️ Proactive IT health & security assessments



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  • IT Cost Saving Review

    IT Cost Saving Review

    We know delivering value means more than just fixing things faster, and with our IT Costs Savings review that’s what we do.

    Realise the saving potential

    We also know the IT bills keep on coming. We can’t change that. But we can make them smaller.

    Each year we’ll conduct an IT Costs Review to ensure that your IT services are delivering more bang for your IT buck. And if they’re not, we’ll negotiate a better deal on your behalf. From internet and backup subscriptions to hardware and software savings – we will determine whether superior services are available at the same price, or if pricing for existing services can be renegotiated to help you save money across the board.

    Why you might want this:

     ✔️ Minimise the time in maximising your IT value

    ✔️ More bang for your IT buck

    ✔️ Minimise your IT spend



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  • IT Roadmap

    IT Roadmap

    Our IT Roadmap gives you all the information you need to get clear on the status of your existing IT system and our recommended solutions for resolving key issues that we identify in your business.

    Your roadmap to IT you can smile about

    From high level quick wins and prioritised action steps, through to timeframes and business cases, we’ll document the pros, cons, costs and business outcomes of tackling each issue for you, so you don’t have to.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Identify key IT business

    ✔️ Get detailed business outcomes of resolving issues

    ✔️ Summary of action steps and timeframes



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  • Microsoft Workflow Optimisation

    Microsoft Workflow Optimisation

    There are a range of different services that Microsoft offer within their Microsoft 365 licensing model.

    Every year we will showcase what services we can potentially deploy to your business using your existing Microsoft licensing.

    The services range from a simple meeting booking app all the way to automating internal processes using Microsoft’s Power automate platform.These services are aimed at providing more value to your business by reducing the amount of time spent on tasks that can be optimised

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Learn more about the Microsoft 365 product suite

    ✔️ Boost your business productivity through automation and training

    ✔️ Improve your M365 data security and handling



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  • Consulting


    When we talk about consulting, we don’t just attend meetings to represent your IT arm, although, that’s part of what we do.

    Deeper IT insights, greater business confidence

    From making better data-driven business decisions with hardware or software advice through to aligning your IT and business strategy so you can nail down your IT budget and do more with it, our team of IT consultants are at the ready to help you work more collaboratively, innovatively and productively.

    In short, we think strategically about IT, so you don’t have to think about it at all.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Real-time business intelligence reporting

    ✔️ Identify cost savings

    ✔️ Streamline IT processes and cut wasted time



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  • Productivity Consulting

    Productivity Consulting

    Business and IT that looks good – and feels good – goes deeper than slick laptops and lightning fast data.

    Get an edge (and a bottom line) to smile about

    When your IT works effectively, you can see it. In KPIs. In the bottom line. But you can feel it, too. Productivity hums. Backs are patted. People smile.

    From collaboration to revenue and KPIs to attitudes, IT doesn’t just help you to deliver emails. It delivers huge bottom-line business benefits, too.

    We aren’t just here to get your IT ducks in a row and keep them there – we’ll do that with our eyes closed. But with them open, we’ll supercharge your productivity – and your business.

    Our productivity consulting services dive deep, beyond your surface-level IT, to review your entire business operation. From Internal processes to stakeholder pain points and bottlenecks - we’ll review it all.

    We’ll even determine whether your current systems and processes are being followed and provide you with an analysis of how they are driving attitudes and behaviours, so you can see precisely how your current IT is impacting the bottom line.

    Our analysis will pinpoint issues, provide solutions and tell you where your business can get more out of your IT. In fact, we’ll even show you how. From re-designing your environment to automating your processes you’ll have all the tools and information you need to grow.

    So, take our advice and get more out of your IT - and your bottom line.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Supercharge your business productivity

    ✔️ Bottom-line boosting benefits

    ✔️ Automate processes



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  • Software Consulting

    Software Consulting

    If the term ‘we need to update our system’ sends a ripple across your boardroom table, relax, take a breath and allow our experts to provide a silky-smooth journey, so your business can integrate new software without breaking a sweat – or your stride.

    Take new tech in your stride

    We’ll take the time to get to the core of your business needs and invest the resources and effort into researching a new software solution for you, so you don’t have to.

    From bench testing software to analysing the total cost of ownership across a range of options, we’ll document the best fit-for-purpose options for you and provide a plain-English breakdown of each, so you don’t end up paying for software and features you don’t need.

    Our report will even include our recommendations on how we might be able to reconfigure your existing software to achieve the desired results, without having to spend valuable time and money upgrading your systems.

    Regardless, selecting the right software is one thing, rolling it out across your entire business, without disruption, is another. The good news is, we don’t just stop at recommending the best solution, we’ll seamlessly deploy it too, so you can relax knowing your business will hit the ground running - and stay running.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Seamless software deployment

    ✔️ Fit-for-purpose solutions

    ✔️ Research, testing & cost analysis



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  • Document Management Consulting

    Document Management Consulting

    Be honest, when was the last time you were caught up in messy back-and-forth email exchange of documents? How about having to dive to the depths of your inbox to retrieve a critical file?

    Paperless. Seamless. Faultless.

    Picture a seamless environment that allows you and your entire team to work, share and collaborate on the same document, simultaneously. No emails. No manual version control. And No headaches. We call this Document Management. And it means you can stop wasting time trying to find and manage your data and start using it efficiently.

    From a paperless office to searchable metadata, and from critical document security to automated document version control, we’ll organise user permissions and categorize your data, so you can access all the tools and information you need - in seconds.

    Whether you need searchable archived data, compliance with data obligations, or a secure library for business-critical documents so they can be protected from deletion or overwriting, we’ll design your Document Management system, so you can make document retrieval, sharing and collaboration, as easy as pie. Enjoyable even.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Paperless office

    ✔️ Work, share & collaborate simultaneously

    ✔️ Automated version control & document security



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