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The ‘About us’ bit that’s really about you

You might look at our business today, supporting over 12,000 users for a growing 920-strong client base spanning Australia and think, ‘Those guys make it look easy.'

Taking the complexities away from IT is what we do.

We make sure everything works, day in, day out. And not just your inbox. From your security and operational costs, through to data-driven business decisions, we make the business of getting more out of your IT budget, for less, as easy as pie – our pricing promise guarantees it.

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Values that add value for clients

So, in many ways, we’re the same business we were on day one. We’ve grown. We’ve developed our expertise to meet our clients’ changing needs. And we’ve done it by recruiting, training, retaining and promoting the best talent – people who share our values and enjoy our mission.

We Love Growth

We get a kick out of it. Yours and ours. They’re two sides of the same coin.

We Care

We’re a considerate, reliable, attentive and supportive bunch by nature.

We’re Smart

There’s always something new to learn and a more innovative way to apply it.

We’re Honest

It’s in our DNA to be transparent, responsible and accountable.

We Have Fun

Unless you enjoy what you do – and your clients do, too – what’s the point?


Our Mission Statement

We are passionate about creating a positive impact with innovation and technology.

We achieve this by:

• Building fun & caring relationships
• Creating smart solutions for business
• Neutralising our environmental impact
• Supporting the communities in which we live and work


Trusted by Australian businesses & organisations


Born of hope

Born of hope

Today, we’re a managed IT services provider. We help businesses unlock their potential, kick goals and grow with IT to smile about.

But we didn’t start out that way.

It may not look like it, but we've poured blood, sweat and (yes) tears into our business since we started out in 1996.

In the beginning, our founders partnered with businesses seeking efficient office equipment to help them get on with their day-to-day as smoothly as possible. So, we stepped up to provide office solutions (hence our name) to make it happen. Think Faxes, copiers, office supplies, the whole deal.

It was only later, in 2000, when we saw that IT was a stumbling block – and the difference between running a bottomless pit and a bottom-line boosting asset, that the ‘IT’ was added.

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We make IT happen

(and we have the stats to back it up)

Users and growing

It's the number of users we currently support.

Growing client base

We have clients that spans across Australia and beyond.

Managed devices

It's the number of devices we currently support.

Years of service

We've been supporting Australian businesses since 1996.

Evolving with – and for – our clients

Evolving with – and for – our clients

From day one, our purpose has been all about enabling businesses to realise their potential. It’s been about understanding our clients’ aims, ambitions and goals, so we can team up and help make them happen.

We believe that tomorrow can be improved by what we do today. And have we always got this right? Not at all.

We may be highly skilled IT nerds, but we’re human too. Caring ones at that.

Which means we build strong relationships and partner with you in a way that helps you to achieve your goals. And if something does go wrong or fails to meet our high standards - we own it, we collaborate, we learn, and improve for next time. Which is why so many of our clients from the early days are still with us today.

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"You guys really are the best and I have no issues ever in recommending your services."

Toby Monteath – Cooper Partners

“We used to get bogged down with IT all the time, but it isn’t an issue anymore. We have a great IT Manager who keeps us up to date, but basically takes care of everything for us."

Employee-Centric & Employee-Owned

Employee-Centric & Employee-Owned

We are an employee-owned company made up of a diverse bunch of smart, technical, and dedicated people who love technology.

Although we're a bunch of IT nerds who love different aspects of IT, we share one goal - and that is making technology work for people.

We consider your success to be our success.

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Level up your career

Level up your career

We like to do things differently here at Office Solutions IT - from playing an odd game of table tennis to running fun and memorable monthly lunches.

If you're interested to be part of a team where you can learn and grow along with the company, just click the button below.

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