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What is Break/Fix IT Support?

James Sutton
August 31, 2015, Post a comment



Not all IT service providers serving small and medium sized business do things the same way. At the lowest level is the break and fix model. When something breaks the IT support company gets asked to come and fix it.

This is initially a cheaper option until something does break and then it can take much longer to get it resolved. Issues can take longer to resolve because:

  • Many other errors in the IT that can take time to hunt down and rule out (red herrings)
  • Unfamiliarity with the IT setup
  • Updates not applied

The actual cost to the business is often hidden because it is in lost productivity, lost opportunities or lost customers.

There are a number of issues with this model which results in both client and provider ending up unhappy.

Instead you should think about IT Managed Services. This is a model where IT operates in partnership with your business to maximise your investment in IT. You can read more about that at our Our Approach to IT page.


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