Recurring IT Headaches?

Don’t just get by - get IT that works. Day in. Day out.

IT (and IT support) you can count on

If you’re spending time thinking about your IT, chances are it’s not right. When it’s right, you forget about IT. You’re free to focus on your work, your business.

And that’s what we do at Office Solutions IT – we get your IT ducks in a row, and we keep them there.

Office Solutions IT happy clients

What we do

We do health checks to keep your IT in shape

From our initial health check, to the ongoing check-ups we conduct, we always have a 360˚ view of your IT setup, so we can identify issues proactively, before they disrupt you.

We keep you up and running, always

If an issue comes out of leftfield, we get you up and running again ASAP, then dig deep to address the underlying issue so it doesn’t crop up again. Uptime is everything.

We give it to you in plain English

When an incident occurs, we’ll provide an incident report – a plain-English breakdown of what happened and what we recommend doing to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

We give you a Goldilocks IT Support team

Not some vast team that doesn’t know you or your business. Not a one-man band that lacks capacity. We give you a team that’s juuuuust right, with all the expertise you need.

We assign a dedicated Partner, just for you

Make no mistake, our ticketing system is top notch. But if there’s an issue that requires a personal intervention – or if you just need some advice – your Partner is there for you, your dedicated point of contact ensuring you enjoy a seamless service, from us and your IT.

We make sure everything works, day in, day out

With annual renewals, at-a-glance reporting and a dedicated Partner, you can leave us to get on with managing your IT. But if you need us, we’re there, with some of the industry’s fastest response and resolution times.

“Our OSIT team know our IT situation like the back of their hands and consequently there are minimal issues.  When there is a problem, it’s resolved quickly and efficiently.”

“I used to waste so much time and effort trying to stay on top of our IT situation, but these days I leave it all to OSIT, which means I can focus on business. They really get it."