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IT infrastructure is the hardware, software, network resources and services needed to operate and manage your IT environment. Your infrastructure is the foundation for delivering IT solutions and services to your staff, partners and customers.

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Fixed price guarantee

No one likes unexpected IT costs! That's why we make our services as fixed price as they can get.



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We design projects very meticulously so everything gets done on schedule and on budget.



Tailor-fit Solutions

We are experienced in various industries. We only propose the best solutions for your business.

Professional IT Infrastructure Projects

Our team can procure, deploy and support all aspects of your IT infrastructure.

Business Cloud

Think of Cloud Computing as a server and all of the IT infrastructure that goes along with that, however it is not located in your office, but in the cloud. We have the flexibility to customise the solution so that it fits your needs. You retain all of the advantages of cloud, the fact that it’s highly reliable, available from anywhere, scalable and with no large up front costs.

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Networking provides the connections between your computers, servers, printers and the internet. 

We can sort all your computer network purchasing, installation and support. We can begin by analysing and planning your networking requirements and then creating the most cost-optimal network for you. We can then help you choose the most suitable mix of hardware and software.

We are able to monitor and analyse your computer network to ensure it has the correct capacity for your current and future requirements. Hopefully, we can tell you everything is fine. But, if not we can suggest different alternatives for improving network performance.

Our experienced engineers can implement your core, edge and storage networking with HP ProCurve and Cisco Catalyst switches.  We can set up advanced routing using SonicWALL, Cisco and PaloAlto (including all aspects of UTM features as well as remote access).

We may recommend Riverbed devices to improve WAN performance if you have multiple sites.  Or low and high density wireless deployments using Ruckus Wireless (including enterprise level security and guest access).


Our team can procure, deploy and support all aspects of your server hardware needs. 

We have extensive knowledge of HP’s ProLiant server range and the Dell PowerEdge range including monitoring and maintenance. We have deployed servers in capital cities as well as remote sites within Australia and overseas.


Most businesses generate a lot of data that has to be stored in a reliable and secure way. Nearly everyone we know has had a hard disk crash at some point or at least knows someone who has.  So having reliable and secure storage is a paramount requirement of any business.

One of the lessons is cheapest is not necessarily best. While you can buy storage at $100 a terabyte from Harvey Norman this is not in any way “industrial strength” storage for a business.

We can set up the most cost-optimal storage solution for you in terms of capacity, speed and reliability.


- Assurance that your storage is designed to meet your business needs in terms of the value of your data and information

- Assurance that your storage is designed to maximise the performance of the programs you use

- Assurance that your storage matches your business requirements in terms of access from your business, your home and on the road

- Assurance that you have the most cost-optimal storage solution

For the more technically minded this includes:

- Procurement, deployment and support of SANs, NAS’ and internal HDD storage for servers

- Deploying and migrating customer data using all tiers of storage devices and technologies

- Implementation of High Availability clusters using SANs and configuring data tiering across multiple data tiers like SSD, SAS, SATA.

- NAS’ backup and data archiving solutions

- Configuration of different RAID levels depending on your data size and speed requirements.

If that list sounds like alphabet soup, we’ll translate it into plain English for you.

Virtual Infrastructure

We have numerous clients taking advantage of a virtual infrastructure.

Virtual infrastructure is a technical term for setting up one physical computer to pretend it is two computers.  This has a number of advantages in saving costs through not having to buy multiple computers, matching hardware and software, and managing security.


- Less costs through lower hardware, power and space requirements.

- Less cost as can quickly and easily provision new servers into the environment.

- Higher productivity because we can reallocate computer resources with no downtime.

- Ensure applications stay available

- Better speed and response because the we can prioritize the most important applications to ensure they receive the resources required to meet your business needs.

- Simplify systems management and operations.

- Simplify and improve the disaster recovery process

In technical terms, our team is experienced at deploying simple single virtual machine (VM) hosts as well as multi host, multi storage, and redundant, high availability virtual clusters across multiple sites.  We typically use Hyper-V and VMware technologies.

VPN & Private Networks

A Private Network is provides a business with a much higher level of security, speed and reliability than the Internet.   A hybrid solutions is the Virtual Private Network which uses the Internet but provides the same security benefits as a provate network with the flexibility to add more users  easily.

We are able to supply and configure private networks including  virtual private networks (VPN), private tails and Wide Area Network (WAN) optimisation. These services are often implemented together with  Internet Connection solutions.

Private Networks

A private tail is a connection only accessible by authorised parties.  There is a restriction on who can access the network and the data that can be moved onto or off the network.  The main advantages are security and reliability. You don’t lose your Internet connection on a private network and the speed generally stays stable.

We can implement and support simple point to point local connections as well as complex multi-site/multi-provider remote connections across many countries.

Virtual Private Networks

A virtual private network (VPN) is a network using the Internet to provide remote offices, or individual users, with secure access to their organization’s network.

A VPN is an attempt to achieve the security and privacy advantages of a private network while remaining connected to public networks and the Internet. As such, it is a method of securing public networks and not a private network in itself, but it offers increased functionality and an acceptable level of security for many small businesses.

We can set up and support your VPN using a pick and mix selection of the public internet, private tails using the SonicWALL and the Cisco range of products.

WAN Optimisation

WAN optimisation, also known as WAN acceleration, is applied to increase the speed of access to critical applications and information. It covers your internet connection, virtual private network or connected offices.  We typically use Riverbed technologies. 

Wireless Networks

The use of wireless networks has become commonplace in homes and businesses. Everyone prefers the freedom of movement available when not tethered by a cable.

Tap in to our experience with different wireless deployments around Australia – both metro and remote.  We can advise you on the best solution for your business needs.

Licensed or free to air, our designs ensure your secure site data, voice, automation or video gets from point A to B and anywhere in between.


- Cost reductions through our bulk buying experience

- Headache free implementation of solutions and on time project rollouts

"The staff at Office Solutions have always been very professional and exceptionally helpful. I highly recommend this company for all IT-related problems. I wish this company continued success."

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