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Managed IT Services

One IT manager, all the IT smarts you need

There’s a reason we’re an industry leader of managed IT services in Perth.

Typically, IT management services are reactive – if an IT requirement pops up, your managed IT service provider will take care of it. Eventually. But that’s not how we roll. And with a dedicated Office Solutions IT manager on the case, neither will you.

From actively improving your IT ROI and productivity, through to tapping into the wealth of IT smarts within our team to resolve issues before they become problems, we’ll look after your business and IT like it’s our own.

Office Solutions IT Manager meeting legal clients in a cafe

Personal. Proactive. Strategic.

Direct, accountable support

You get a single point of contact overseeing and co-ordinating every facet of your IT strategy and support.

Save time and resources

Delegate IT management to your IT manager so you can focus on more important things.

Minimise your IT costs

Get ideas, insights and tailored recommendations on how to reduce your operational IT costs.

Budget more effectively

Access detailed reports and advice so you can plan and use your IT budget better.

Be future-ready

Identify and prepare for future IT needs proactively, saving money in the process.

Move forward with confidence

Relax knowing you have the IT resources and strategy you need to support your growth.

Client Escalations

The IT manager can be contacted directly for handling of issues which the client would like to be treated with an extra level of care.

The IT Manager will work directly with the relevant team at Office Solutions IT to ensure the escalated issue is dealt with a prompt and effective manner.

Identify Service Requirements

Delivering highly customised managed IT solutions to Perth businesses, we recognise that no two businesses are the same.

The IT Manager meets with the client to determine a suitable level of IT services to meet the client's needs.

Service levels are customised to make sure that the IT services delivered are those which will be most beneficial for the client.

Service Consumption Reporting

A report is emailed to the client each week showing details of the work conducted by Office Solutions IT during that week.

This allows the client to keep informed of all IT work being conducted by Office Solutions IT, as well as being aware of the service requests which are being lodged by the client's employees.

Meetings and Advice

The IT Manager is available for regular meetings with client to discuss the client’s IT requirements.

Asset and service reports can be reviewed and discussed if the client is utilising these services. The IT Manager is also available for general high level advice on IT.

Asset Reporting

Monthly reports are prepared with details on the client's IT systems. Information included in the reports includes details of backups, system availability, system capacity and trends, age of equipment, antivirus status, security update deployment, licensing compliance, upcoming renewals and details on installed software.

Service Reporting

Comprehensive monthly reports are prepared containing details of the service provided by the team of managed IT expertsat Office Solutions IT.

The report includes service analysis, showing the amount of IT service delivered per location, per employee and for each classification of IT service. This allows the client to determine which employees, offices, or which particular components of their IT infrastructure require the largest amount of IT support.

The report also includes the length of time for which any unresolved support cases have been active; any upcoming software or hardware purchases or IT projects; the number of support cases for each piece of IT equipment or software; and a list of employees and level of authorisation as recorded by Office Solutions IT.

Serious Incident Reporting

A comprehensive report is created following a major incident impacting IT services, when requested by the client.

This report identifies details of the incident and incident resolutionprovides an assessment of the business impactoutlines the steps undertaken in investigating the underlying problem and the findings of the investigationdetails any further required actionsand includes any recommendations to be implemented.

Warranty and License Management

Office Solutions IT maintains a record of all hardware warranty expiry dates, software maintenance/support service renewal dates, and domain and SSL certificate renewal dates.

These are included in reports, allowing the client to plan ahead for renewals and ensuring that important renewals such as web domain registration and server warranties don't pass by without warning.

New User and Computer Forms

Formal checklists are created and used during the setup of accounts for new staff members and the setup of new computers.

The new user forms and computer processes, documented by Office Solutions IT, provide the client with full visibility into exactly what has been configured and which permissions have been granted.

Service Consumption Analysis & Advice

Regular review of the client's service usage with an aim to reduce both the number of incidents, and the average time to get the client back up and running again. Recommendations will be provided to the client.

IT Strategy Planning

Planning strategy for the use of IT within the client’s business.

Office Solutions IT works with the client to identify changes within the business which will impact on IT requirements, items to be included within upcoming budgets, and a roadmap for IT within the business. This is typically undertaken when the client doesn’t require the more comprehensive Strategic Planning service.

IT Health Check (Annual)

An IT Health Check is conducted to provide the client with a broad overview of the current health of their IT environment, and to identify any potential areas of concern.

An easy-to-understand report is created, covering IT in four distinct areas: Information Security, Business Continuity, Productivity, and Value. The components which make up each area are listed and assigned a rating based on their compliance with best practice standards.

IT Budget (Annual)

A budget is created to outline expected capital and operational IT expenditure throughout the year.

This allows the client to plan for items such as IT support costs, IT projects, license and warranty renewals, replacement hardware, and service subscriptions such as internet and telephony.

The IT budget helps to ensure that IT expenditure is aligned with the short and long-term strategy of the business, and helps the client to manage cash flow for their business.

IT Costs Review (Annual)

An annual review of IT expenditure to ensure that IT services and purchases are delivering value.

Services such as internet service agreements are reviewed to determine whether superior services are available at the same price, or if pricing for existing services can be renegotiated.

IT Policy Creation and Management

We establish and maintain documented policies for engagement with IT systems.

These policies outline the expected behaviour for staff utilising IT systems, to protect data security, comply with legislation and industry regulations, reduce the risk of malware infections, and for any other required outcomes. Common IT policies include password policies, remote access policies, data storage and security policies, network access policies, acceptable use policies and cyber security policies.

Disaster Recovery Assessment

This is the first part of establishing a Disaster Recovery Plan. Business functions and the IT systems and assets required to support them are identified, and a risk assessment is conducted to determine the threats and vulnerabilities to these systems and assets, both internal and external.

The risks of the various threats and vulnerabilities are assessed, and the impact from any disruption to the services is estimated. Risks can include business operations, financial performance and business reputation.

A Disaster Recovery Assessment allows a business to be aware of any risks posed to the IT systems which support business operations, and to begin to plan to mitigate these risks.

Disaster Recovery Planning

This builds on a disaster recovery assessment, and forms part of a business continuity plan. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan is created to outline the strategies and procedures to restore IT services to an acceptable level of performance within required timeframes following a disruptive event.

Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) are identified to outline the acceptable tolerance for any data loss, and the expected amount of time  required for services to be restored.

Having a Disaster Recovery Plan means that a business can be confident that there are established processes in place for recovering from a disaster, and is aware of the estimated time and potential data loss which may occur as a result of various disasters. 

Switch IT

The Switch IT process has been developed to remove the uncertainty and risk for clients who are switching to Office Solutions IT from another IT support provider.

The aim of the process is for Office Solutions IT to gain an understanding of the client’s business, and come up to speed as quickly as possible in order to provide a high standard of support.

The process includes meetings and coordination of support cutover, the full documentation of the existing IT environment; the changing of passwords and installation of management software; changing notifications of backup software; and installation of updates on servers and computers.

IT Quality Improvement Analysis

Regular analysis and review is conducted of all support incidents and problems encountered in your IT environment. In analysing this data we identify any IT support trends and reoccurring issues, and assess the impact to your business productivity as a result of downtime and disruption. Potential solutions to address these issues are planned and presented for your consideration.

"The time savings alone are substantial with OSIT taking care of our IT. We don’t waste time and effort planning and managing IT, so we have more time and energy for business.”


“OSIT have worked with us to significantly improve the performance of our IT systems, and at the same time have enabled us to reduce the amount of time we spend on IT. OSIT get my vote."


One contact optimising every facet of your IT

It’s personal, proactive and strategic – managed IT in Western Australia has never been easier. Find out more about the benefits of tapping into the full breadth and depth of IT strategy and support expertise at Office Solutions IT, with a dedicated IT manager.