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Why Your Business Should Have an IT Service Provider

Why Your Business Should Have an IT Service Provider

Portia Linao Portia Linao
September 18, 2021, Post a comment

It’s normal for companies to form partnerships. Through these beneficial business partnerships, especially with a capable managed service provider, they grow and move closer to achieving their company’s vision and mission.

Companies, whether big or small, rely on technology. It’s critical for companies in any industry to have a reliable IT infrastructure to establish workplace efficiency, brand businesses online, ensure cybersecurity for data protection, and many more.

By associating with an IT service provider that specializes in tailoring IT infrastructure and processes, you can prevent expensive company mistakes in the future. If you’re still having second thoughts, here are three more reasons why your business should have an IT service provider.

'Making-do' is not a strategic decision


With all the things you need to think about your business right from day-to-day operations to staff and finances, IT would probably be the last thing on your mind. Yet in the technologically driven age, having an IT service provider is beneficial in finding, mapping, and planning the areas for your growth.

Why your business should have an IT service provider?

With Virtual CIO services provided by your IT provider, ‘Making-do’ with your IT and implementing ad-hoc decisions is no longer an option. Instead, you leverage these services to maximise your business resources and make informed data-driven decisions to strategically grow and optimise your business. 

Risks of inaction are real


It’s not always about which aspects of the business to digitise. Sometimes, it is about when to digitise.

The longer this goes on, the more your business is at risk due to old infrastructure and outdated security measures that are no match for modern cyber attacks.

Aside from being a primary target for cyber-attacks, downtime is also a risk that comes along with an aged IT system. This problem can hold your business back, causing you to lose revenue in the long run. Research shows that system downtime can cause a small company an average of $2,000/hour with a six-hour average repair time.

Why your business should have an IT service provider?

With the right IT service provider and IT manager, you can avoid these costs and go about running your business without worrying about unnecessary downtime. 

Your goal for partnering with an IT service provider should be to increase business scalability from software and hardware implementations to cloud and system infrastructure. This is the backbone of an IT infrastructure that can help you make or break your business.

In-house vs Outsource IT Service Provider


Should you hire in-house talent to manage your IT or outsource your IT goals?

Here are the vital bottom-line considerations businesses need to make when deciding whether to hire in-house talent or outsource IT.


Setting up and maintaining IT is not a one-person job. It would require multiple people with different levels of expertise to achieve your IT objectives. With in-house, you would be required to hire multiple people with various expertise to provide the level of service you need e.g. manager, support engineer, systems engineer, DevOps, etc. If you opt for outsourcing, your IT Provider will manage the team and other required resources themselves.


Businesses, whether big or small, establish systems and processes for efficient output. With IT, it can be quite different as it requires different levels of skills and expertise to manage work and achieve IT KPIs. For in-house, you’ll need to create these systems and processes from scratch that are specifically tailored to your goals. With outsourcing, it’s all part of their IT Support service package – just tell them your objectives, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Continuous Improvement, Training and Professional Development

Professional training and development vary between in-house and outsourcing. For in-house, your team would tend to focus only on the nature of your company leading to limited exposure to new tech and training, while outsourcing IT companies are exposed to a variety of work and new tech regularly.


IT emergencies such as system downtime, server failure, or data breaches can occur at any time that’s why ensuring 24/7 support is crucial. You will need a dedicated support team with good response/resolution time to maintain and make sure everything is up and running.

Ready to connect with an IT Service Provider?


One of the best reasons why your business should have an IT service provider is they can provide you with a myriad of benefits. From your managed IT support agreement, you can expect scheduled vCIO services, detailed reports, and insights to make data-driven decisions that would lead your business to the path toward success.

By taking a proactive approach to IT, you’re moving your business forward and hitting objectives before you know it. Get in touch with Office Solutions IT today!

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