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Get a business edge from technology

Technology isn’t just there to help you do stuff. When you think about IT and your business strategically – as we do with our IT consulting to Perth & WA businesses – technology is the key to unlocking the potential in your business.

That’s what our Virtual CIO services are all about: supercharging your business.

From making better data-driven business decisions, through to aligning your IT and business strategy so you can nail down your IT budget and do more with it, our team of IT consultants in Perth will enable you to work more collaboratively, innovatively and productively.

Office Solutions IT Consultant

Deeper IT insights, greater business confidence

We offer a wide range of customised IT consulting services. Choose the IT consultancy and advisory services you need, or talk to us about your situation and we’ll recommend a plan of action.


Get (and stay) future-ready

Stay one step ahead, strategy-wise, and relax knowing you’ll always have the IT resources you need to evolve and grow.

Reduce IT costs and waste

Compare the most cost-effective IT solutions and know you’ve chosen the best future-ready, bang-for-buck option.

Take new tech in your stride

Adopt, integrate and exploit new technologies without breaking your stride (or your IT budget).

Make working with IT easy

Streamline IT processes. Give your people IT training that saves them time and stress. Make life easier all round.

Supercharge your workforce

Promote collaboration. Enable innovation. Ensure your people have all the business intel they need to excel.

Focus on business, not IT

Leave it to us to worry about the next big thing in business IT. You’ve got more important things to do.

Business Intelligence

Professional IT consulting begins with Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence involves the use of technology to analyse data and present information relevant to the client’s business.

This information can be used to improve decision making, identify potential cost savings and generate awareness of new business opportunities.

Business Intelligence systems can produce items such as interactive reports containing financial or other information, dashboards to display the current status of metrics and key performance indicators, comparisons between historic and current data, and the ability to display all of this information in real time, from your computer or mobile phone.

Business Intelligence can integrate with a number of popular databases, to make use of data the client already has available via their current software.

Strategic Planning

As one of WA’s leading IT consulting firms, we provide atop down, holistic approach to refining the client’s business IT strategy.  

With the aim of making sure that the use of technology is aligned with the strategic goals for the business, and to identify the ways in which the use of technology can be improved to drive business outcomes.

Typically undertaken when the client requires a more comprehensive approach than the IT Strategy Planning service.

Business Case Development

The creation of a business case, including an assessment of a business problem or opportunity, the benefits and risks from potential solutions, costs, timeframe and impact of implementation.

This is an important process to make sure that the problem or opportunity to be addressed is clearly defined and that potential solutions are evaluated to ensure they will adequately address the problem or opportunity. Additionally, a business case can be used to justify allocation of resources or expenditure towards an IT project.

Requirements Analysis

The aim of requirements analysis is to discover, analyse, define and document the criteria to meet a business objective.

Without undertaking requirements analysis, the solutions which are ultimately delivered may not match what was expected. The process identifies key stakeholders and works with them to define exactly what is required from a new product or service.

This can include functional, operational, technical and transitional requirements. Once the requirements have been properly defined, potential solutions can be assessed to determine suitability.

Software Selection

Selecting a new software solution is often a large commitment for a business, not only in purchasing of licenses, but in terms of staff training, data migration and potential risk of software which is a poor fit for business needs.

A formal software selection process can remove much of the risk associated with this process, by analysing the business requirements for the software, identifying and researching possible solutions which meet requirements, and assisting with decision making to ensure the software selected is able to meet the business requirements.

Content Management

Content management relates to the administration of digital content throughout the lifecycle of the content.

This includes creation of content, storage of content, publishing of content and archival or deletion of content. Other aspects of content management to be considered are access control and version management. Content management can make use of Content Management Systems (CMS) and processes around the management of content.

Process Improvement

A systematic approach to identifying, analysing and improving upon current business practices.

The aim is to improve the value delivered by reducing or eliminating wastefulness in processes. This can be achieved by improving process effectiveness using techniques such as removing bottlenecks, removing steps which don’t add value to the process and making use of technology systems to optimise steps in a process.

“I can’t fault OSIT’s rapid-response IT support. If I report an issue, they’re there straight away, finding a way to get me back online. It’s so reassuring, and definitely one less thing to worry about.”


“Our OSIT team know our IT situation like the back of their hands and consequently there are minimal issues. When there is a problem, it’s resolved quickly and efficiently.”


Take our advice and get more out of your IT

Find out how a little high-level IT knowledge, from a trusted IT consulting company in Perth, can deliver huge bottom-line business benefits. Get in touch to tee up a no-obligation conversation with one of our experienced IT consultants.