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10 Reasons Why You Need A Cyber Security Audit

10 Reasons Why You Need A Cyber Security Audit

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If you've never had the chance to hear about the benefits and importance of conducting a cyber security audit, this article is definitely for you.

Cyber threats have always been a problem since the invention of the internet. Everybody is at risk of online threats - whatever the size or industry. All it takes is to find one flaw in your defences for hackers to wreak havoc on your systems. These threats target your weak points to illegally access your assets and either sell them to the highest bidder or use them against you.  

The good news is you can minimise these risks by conducting regular cyber security assessments and implementing the right tools/solutions to help you build the best defences against minor and crucial cyber risks. But you don't have to do it alone. Our cyber security services can shield you against a myriad of dangers lurking in cyberspace, offering peace of mind for businesses looking to safeguard their online presence.  

What is a Cyber Security Audit? 

A cyber security audit identifies, analyses, and evaluates cyber risks in your business to ensure the safety and integrity of your data. This process involves evaluating current security measures, identifying vulnerabilities, and implementing the appropriate security measures to prevent downtimes or cyberattacks.

A cyber security assessment is an ongoing process that helps you stay on top of your IT security and adapt to evolving threats. The process involves figuring out your potential risks and their aftereffects so you can implement the right solutions before they can happen. 

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from regular cyber security audit services, which can come in a variety of assessment types. One of which is our Dark Web Scan which helps businesses discover any threats to their private data and/or any compromised employee credentials. Further to this, we can also run cyber security assessments to troubleshoot or mitigate risks surrounding Ransomware Attacks. These types of cyber attacks are when businesses have their data and devices encrypted and held for ransom by cyber criminals seeking a payout for the decryption key, something that most businesses just aren't prepared for.    

Still not convinced? Here are ten more reasons why your business needs regular cybersecurity audits.  

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Cyber security threats are evolving 

Regular cyber security assessments are crucial because of the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats.  

As hackers constantly develop new techniques and exploit emerging vulnerabilities, you must stay one step ahead by conducting regular assessments. By doing so, you can uncover any newly discovered weaknesses and take prompt action to mitigate these risks before they’re found and exploited. 

There are many ways hackers will try to find new ways to exploit your vulnerabilities. One particularly noteworthy is artificial intelligence (AI). Although it’s ideal for enhancing your cyber defences, it can also be disastrous to your business. So, to prevent that, regular cyber security posture assessments can help you find vulnerabilities so you implement the necessary solutions promptly. This can either be done locally or online. Whilst we manage a range of clients throughout Australia, we also offer Cyber Security Perth services for local West Australian businesses who prefer to have their findings presented in person.   

Discover potential threats and risks

Being proactive doesn’t just apply to typical business strategies. Regular monitoring and security assessments, like IT health checks, are excellent methods for protecting your business.

You want to make sure that you find any security gaps and weaknesses in your IT to always keep it in tip-top shape against hackers to use against you. Take note that these potential threats can be anywhere. So, ensure you sweep through every asset in your network, from computers and mobile devices to applications and policies. 

Just because you initially launched a sturdy security solution doesn’t mean it won’t succumb to attacks when the time comes. The key is to stay proactive in identifying vulnerabilities and anticipating future risks to protect yourself from possible financial losses or reputation damage associated with cyber-attacks. 

Mitigate risks before they happen

Being prepared is always good– especially if you’re trying to protect your data against possible threats – but fixing problems before they happen is better. That’s what happens if you conduct cyber security risk assessments regularly. With it, you can address current issues and prepare for future (and even worse) ones.  

Prevention is always the best option when protecting your business assets. You no longer have to wait for cyber risks to happen. Cyber security audits will provide critical insights into your security posture and patch potential vulnerabilities before they become problems.  

Industry-standard compliance

Healthcare, financial, and educational companies comply with various regulations and industry standards since they handle sensitive data. If you fall into an industry that requires regulations and industry standard compliance, cyber security audit services (with the help of a Cyber Security provider) will help you be on top of your IT security game.  

By proactively finding potential risks and identifying weaknesses in your network, you can address threats before they become problems, thus safeguarding your sensitive data and maintaining customer trust. 

Customers want to do business with a company that demonstrates that take their privacy seriously. Privacy breaches are common, so customers want someone they can trust with their personal information. And certified regulations and compliances will boost their trust in you.

Upgrade business technology

It’s crucial to ensure the integrity of your systems if you rely on them for your daily operations. You'll constantly have to fortify weak points, patch vulnerabilities, and watch out for emerging threats.  

One problem common among businesses is they still use legacy systems that are no longer supported by vendors or receive necessary security updates. And these outdated technologies can pose significant risks as they’re more susceptible to attacks to incoming vulnerabilities. So, by assessing your cyber security, you enhance your cyber security and overall IT.  

Sticking to old technology gives more harm than good. You might think using them saves you money, but it only takes one incident to halt your operations and affect your customers. The solution is to regularly assess your cyber security to find the liabilities that might put you in a difficult spot now or in the future. 

Make smarter business decisions 

Cyber security risk assessments help you stay up-to-date with industry standards and regulations. As technology advances rapidly, so do the tactics used by cybercriminals. And by assessing your security measures regularly, you can implement the most effective strategies to combat evolving threats.  

Regular cyber security audits also help you optimise your resources and investments. Since you will be able to identify areas of weakness or inefficiency in your IT, you can make informed decisions on allocating resources to where they’re most needed.  

Educate employees about harmful online threats and risks

As cyber threats continue to evolve throughout the years, the need to prioritise cyber security awareness is also growing. While state-of-the-art secure measures are essential, ensure your employees have the knowledge and understanding to identify and mitigate potential risks.  

Cybersecurity risk assessments provide an invaluable opportunity to assess vulnerabilities in your company’s infrastructure and educate employees about the harmful threats they may encounter.  

Reduce costs

Suffering from a cyber disaster is expensive. And one of the best ways to prevent that is with cyber security audits. These regular risk assessments identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses before they disrupt your business operations, damage your company’s reputation, and dent your profits. 

As you identify redundant or ineffective areas, you’re also streamlining your security infrastructure and eliminating unnecessary tools or processes that can reduce maintenance, licensing fees, and employee training costs. With cyber security risk assessments, you can use your IT investments more effectively and directly distribute funds towards critical areas.  

Boost customer trust 

Conducting regular cyber security risk assessments demonstrates that you’re committed to safeguarding customer data and protecting them against potential breaches. These assessments involve evaluating your systems, processes, and infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and develop robust security measures. Investing time and resources into this proactive approach sends a powerful message to customers: their privacy is valued, protected, and a top priority. 

Create a more productive workplace 

Regular auditing in cyber security minimises the chances of costly breaches and downtime that can hinder productivity.  

Cyber security assessments provide your employees with a sense of confidence in their work environment. Knowing that you’re taking the necessary steps to protect them from cyber threats fosters trust and peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your business without constant worry about potential attacks. So ultimately, your team is more likely to be engaged, motivated, and productive in their roles.  

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Should you get a cyber security assessment? 

When protecting your business from cyber threats, taking a proactive approach is better than waiting for an attack to happen. 

Auditing in cyber security can provide invaluable knowledge and insights about your IT vulnerabilities and potential weak points. It acts like a confidential informant within the hacker community to keep you one step ahead.  

Even if you already have well-built security measures, cybercriminals are evolving their tactics and techniques. So by undergoing a cyber security risk assessment, you can identify any new or emerging vulnerabilities within your system. It's like giving your business an annual check-up. It detects problems early to allow immediate remediation and minimise any potential damage. 

At Office Solutions IT, we do cyber security audit services beyond identifying and patching weaknesses. We also focus on understanding the intricacies of your IT infrastructure and operations so we can provide you with the most insightful recommendations that align with your specific business objectives while implementing any industry regulations or compliance requirements you need to adhere to. Start with our complimentary Dark Web Scan to see how much of your data is for sale on the dark web. 

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Protect your business with a cyber security audit today!

If your business is overdue for a cyber security assessment, we invite you to book one with our team of cyber security experts.