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Proactive and Reactive

Proactive and Reactive

William Palfrey William Palfrey
October 14, 2015, Post a comment



Within IT industry there are two modes of operating: proactive and reactive.  Because we are proactive, we transition our clients by learning their business. We listen to your business’ priorities and goals and design our service accordingly.

We fully document the IT assets of the business and ensure they are set up to run efficiently and minimise downtime. We also review your IT and information security, ensure there are adequate backups, make sure the software is properly licenced and being updated, check the capacity of your systems. In doing so we can identify the strengths and weakness of your systems and opportunities for improvement.

We can even set up a monitoring service that can tell us when you have issues even before you or your staff notice them.

However, it isn’t possible to completely prevent issues occurring with IT. Then we have to be reactive.

Response and Resolution

The keys to operating in reactive mode are response and resolution. Response is the time to start dealing with the issue. Resolution is the time to resolve the issue so it has no impact on the business.

We measure both and continually work to minimise the amount of time for both response and resolution. And, because we hold ourselves to a high standard we include financial penalties in our service level agreements (SLA) for all high priority issues. The penalty cuts in if we don’t respond to your urgent incidents in less than 30 minutes.

We have over 20 technical staff with an incredibly wide range of experience. There are very few issues that we cannot cover. And having so many staff, we can always ensure that someone is available to assist you.


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