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Are We a Fit? (Part Two)

James Sutton
October 07, 2015, Post a comment

Are We a Fit? We want you to enjoy working with us as much as we want to enjoy working with you! We tend to partner with businesses who see the value in IT and in having it managed professionally. We have worked with many different businesses from start-up businesses to larger businesses of 250 or more employees. So the real question is what do you value? And what do we value?


We are caring, honest, smart, believe in growth (both personal and professional) and are lots of fun. We welcome any client that believes our values and personality will be a good fit for them. We also look for clients to partner with us knowing a reliable team of professionals is always by your side. We want our clients to expect fast and responsive care, clear and honest communication. We are interested in new ideas and innovation and like to share our passion for innovation with our clients.


Clients with between 20 and 200 staff benefit the most from our service as they typically understand the value of IT and want a more responsive, proactive and professional service. That said, we are happy to work with clients outside of this range as long as they believe our service is right for them


Industries we provide services for are: Accounting, Building and Construction, Engineering, Environmental Services, Financial Services, Legal, Medical, Mining, , Oil and Gas, Logistics, Not for Profits, Retail, Sports and other Professional Service businesses.


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