Gain flexibility in your IT

In simple terms, using the cloud means that you access the applications and data you need through the internet. This can reduce your reliance on internal IT infrastructure and the associated IT management overheads. Cloud services are also highly scalable so you only need to pay for the capacity you require.

For example, Xero is a cloud based accounting solution. Your programs and data are stored on Xero’s computers. You can access them from anywhere you have an internet connection. You don’t have to do back ups, you don’t have to install upgrades, and you have less worries about viruses etc. And, rather than an upfront cost of hardware and software, there is a monthly or annual subscription fee.

We offer a Cloud Migration service. This is a consulting and solutions design service that will take you from where you are now, and into the Cloud.

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Cloud Computing

Think of Cloud Computing as a server and all of the IT infrastructure that goes along with that, however it is not located in your office, but in the cloud. We have the flexibility to customise the solution so that it fits your needs. You retain all of the advantages of cloud, the fact that it’s highly reliable, available from anywhere, scalable and with no large up-front costs.

We can design the right solution for you. This cloud be an option of Public Cloud where all of your IT is with a large cloud provider, or Private Cloud where you build your own cloud environment, or Hybrid Cloud which is a mixture of both Public and Private clouds.

Key benefits of our Cloud Computing solutions include:

  • System ownership means you have complete control over what and where your information is stored, with options to store in Australia
  • Highly reliable
  • Asset and equipment investment that can be depreciated over a length of time
  • Ability to upgrade systems without consulting other parties

Cloud Applications

Cloud Applications are where the program and it’s data are stored on the application providers servers. You can access the application from anywhere you have an internet connection.

We can advise on suitable Cloud Applications for your business with our vCIO services.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup is a solution for backing up data that involves sending a copy of the backup data off site over the internet to our cloud backup servers. The key benefits of this are high availability, rapid restoration times and local backup servers across Australia.

Read more at our Cloud Backup page.

Cloud Archiving

Ideal for data that is not changing and only needs to be accessed infrequently. Instead of storing this data on site, move it to the cloud and save money.

Microsoft Office 365 & Sharepoint

Read more at our microsoft page.

"Previously when I had a computer problem, I had a feeling of panic and was quite stressed. Now, I send in my Support Request to Office Solutions and know that very quickly the problem will be solved and all done remotely; no waiting for the technician to arrive. It is so reassuring to have your support. What an excellent service!"

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“We rarely have issues with our IT, but when we have run into a problem, we just submit our ticket to Office Solutions knowing that they will get back to us promptly.”