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.au Direct Domain: What does this mean for your business

.au Direct Domain: What does this mean for your business

Portia Linao Portia Linao
August 01, 2022, Post a comment

The au Domain Administration, also known as auDA, launched .au direct domains last 24 March 2022. This new launch brings new and exciting things to the table to help individuals, businesses, and organisations establish a well-built online presence.

A .au direct domain can give you a shorter and more memorable domain. But remember that only organisations, businesses, and individuals with a local association to Australia can register for a .au direct domain.

If you own a domain under a .au extension (e.g., com.au, gov.au, org.au, edu.au etc.), you will have first dibs to any .au equivalent domains.

Reasons why you should register your .au direct domain before 20 September

As mentioned earlier, everyone with an Australian presence can register for a .au direct domain. This rule includes people with a permanent Australian residency or businesses legally registered to operate in Australia.

Businesses and individuals who own second-level .au domain names are automatically eligible for a Priority Status. So, there’s no need to fight against the other buyers of the same domain. 

But even if that’s the case, you should register your desired .au direct domains ahead of time. This advantage gives you a higher chance of getting the best .au domain matches and other variations.

.au direct domains will be open for everyone by 20 September 2022. So, ensure you register your matching .au domain before the deadline if you don't want someone else to snatch it. 

It is a quick and low-cost process that will benefit your business greatly. Here’s how it helps your business:

Protect your brand

If you already have a second-level domain (e.g., com.au, gov.au, org.au, edu.au etc.), it’s best to get the exact .au domain to secure consistency in your online branding. So, all traffic and searches for your brand will go straight to your domain.

Failure to do so leaves your brand vulnerable to other entities and cybercriminals ready to get their hands on it for evil purposes. 


You can only register .au direct domains on auDA accredited registrars. 

But note that prices vary for every registrar, so look around other sources to get the best deals.

Boost your online presence

When customers easily remember your domain, they can find you quickly online. And this indirectly boosts your online presence, making you rank higher on search engines like Google.

Instead of having your customers type out yourbusinessname.com.au, you can use a shorter version like yourbusinessname.au and redirect it to your existing domain address.

So, no need to create a new website with your newly acquired .au direct domain.

Steps to register your .au Direct Domain

Businesses and individuals with an Australian presence are qualified to register for a .au direct domain on any participating auDA accredited registrars. You must be a permanent Australian resident, a registered business/organisation, or an establishment with an Australian business number (ABN). 

If ever you own an existing second-level .au domains (e.g., com.au, gov.au, org.au, edu.au etc.), you can sign up in the Priority Allocation Process from 24 March to 20 September 2022. 

If you don’t register your equivalent .au direct domain within that timeframe, it will be available to the public starting on 21 September 2022. And anyone from that date onwards can purchase your .au equivalent domain for various reasons other than good.

 Wondering how you can claim your .au direct domain? Follow this easy step-by-step guide:

  1. Register your preferred .au direct domain before the 20 September deadline through one of auDA’s many accredited registrars. If you don’t register your .au direct domain beforehand, it will be publicly available for sale on 21 September.
  2. Guarantee that you are qualified to sign up for a .au direct domain. They will check your qualifications once you apply for an equivalent .au direct domain.
  3. Make sure to acquire a priority token to get your application approved. You will have to enter details such as domain name and requestor name to register for priority status. But note that only domains licensed before 24 March 2022 can take part in the priority token application process.
  4. Once approved, you can register your .au direct domain and use it shortly after with no issues.

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