Case Study

How a mining company eliminated the need for a physical office with Microsoft 365 and OSIT

About Ironbark Zinc Ltd.

Australia and Greenland

Users: 1 - 50

Industry: Mining



Ironbark Zinc Limited is a leading ASX listed resources company focused on delivering shareholder value through the development of its major base metal Citronen mining operation in Greenland. The Company’s focus on the Citronen Project sees it very well placed to benefit from the forecast strengthening of the Zinc market.

IT Objectives

  • Reduce business IT expenses
  • Increase business flexibility and productivity
  • Eliminate the need for physical office

Executive Summary

Ironbark Zinc Eliminates Physical Office in Digital Transformation with Microsoft 365

The team at Ironbark Zinc recognised their need for remote work and the operational flexibility of not being tied to an office, but with their existing IT Infrastructure they didn’t have the provisions to implement it.

The IT system they used was a hosted environment that was under-provisioned and not suitable for their remote working requirements.
With the pressing need to be able to work from a remote location, Senior Geologist, Elizabeth Laursen, recognised that her peers in the industry were using Microsoft 365 and Office Solutions IT to implement a secure, flexible and highly reliable IT solution, and soon booked in a meeting with an Office Solutions IT Partner to discuss their options.

The Challenges

Hosted Environment under-provisioned and over-priced

Elizabeth Laursen was aware that their technological requirements were achievable. The challenge was finding a partner that could take care of the implementation and manage the migration of their data to the Microsoft 365 platform and remove their need for a physical office entirely without disruption to their operations - or their bottom line.

When Elizabeth met with a dedicated Partner to discuss the options, she recognised that Office Solutions IT were able to make it happen.


The Solution

Hosted Environment under-provisioned and over-priced

Ironbark Zinc were provided with a Microsoft 365 Migration project managed by a dedicated Office Solutions IT partner to oversee the transition of Ironbark Zinc’s IT services to the cloud and eliminating their need for a physical office.

In addition, Office Solutions IT researched Ironbark Zinc’s historical IT support requests and recognised that a Managed Services Agreement they had in place with the previous provider was excessive to their needs until their operational requirements scaled. Therefore, Ironbark Zinc were provided access to a dedicated support team without all the bells and whistles of a Managed Services Agreement, so they could reach out for fast and efficient support as and when they needed it - without having to pay an ongoing fee.


The Results

Ironbark operating 100% Remote without a physical office

Elizabeth and the team at Ironbark Zinc are now able to use SharePoint Online and the Microsoft 365 platform to securely work from home or wherever they choose to log in, and with the elimination of their physical office - and ongoing monthly support fees - their IT expenditure has reduced significantly.

Most of all, the Ironbark team finds having access to their data in a highly secure cloud solution helps them to work more efficiently without the issue of unreliable IT systems.