Stop Wasting Time On IT

Start focusing on what matters to you, with IT that works the way it should.

Set-and-forget IT Support

IT isn’t supposed to distract you from the important stuff. It’s supposed to enable you to do more of it, more efficiently, for less.

If you’re spending time thinking about your IT, chances are it’s not right. When it’s right, you forget about IT. You’re free to focus on your work, your business.

And that’s our sole purpose at Office Solutions IT – to take care of the complex business of managing IT, so you can focus on yours.

Office Solutions IT director with clients looking at iPhone

What we do

We offer annual renewals and fixed fees

With annual IT renewals and fixed pricing, you can set up your IT for the coming year, safe in the knowledge your dedicated OSIT IT Support is looking after your strategic and operational IT needs.

We give you a dedicated Partner and team

One point of contact. Everything you need. Your Partner is there with top-level advice at your monthly catch-ups, and ensures you don’t have to give your IT a second thought the rest of the time.

We give you a Goldilocks team

Not some vast team that doesn’t know you and is slow to react. Not a one-man band that lacks capacity. We give you a small-but-experienced team that’s juuuuust right.

We make sure everything works, day in, day out

With annual renewals, at-a-glance reporting and a dedicated Partner, you can leave us to get on with managing your IT. But if you need us, we’re there, with some of the industry’s fastest response and resolution times.

We hit the ground running, and keep running

Our streamlined Switch IT onboarding process ensures we have all the information we need to take the lead on your IT from day one and into the future. One handover. No need to bother you unnecessarily ever again.

We conduct health checks to keep your IT in shape

From our initial health check, to the ongoing check-ups we conduct, we always have a 360˚ view of your IT setup, so we can identify issues proactively, before they become problems.

"Thank you so much for working with us for the past 2 years, it's been a real pleasure to deal with a company with such integrity. You have been pivotal in the success of moving MHLC into the current century! We've loved your pragmatic & down to earth approach."


“We used to get bogged down with IT all the time, but it isn’t an issue anymore. We have a great Partner who keeps us up to date, but basically takes care of everything for us."