Stop Losing Money

Turn IT from a bottom-less pit into a bottom-line boosting asset.

Lower your IT costs

The IT bills keep on coming. We can’t change that. But we can make them smaller.

We can make your IT dollars work harder. We can make sure your IT enables your workforce and boosts productivity. And here’s how.

Office Solutions IT director with Ride For Youth donation

What we do

We offer flexible and fixed-price plans

You never pay for more than you need because we tailor our services to create an ultra-lean IT solution, with the option of fixed pricing so you can bank on us and your IT costs.

We find IT savings everywhere

From internet and backup subscriptions, to hardware and software savings, we’ll regularly review your IT expenditure and help you save money across the board.

We keep you up and running, always

If an issue comes out of leftfield, we get you up and running again ASAP, then dig deep to address the underlying issue so it doesn’t crop up again. Uptime is everything.

We respond and resolve issues faster

On average, we respond to high-priority issues in just 3 minutes, and to normal priority issues in only 18 minutes. That’s fast – just ask our competitors – so you aren’t left hanging.

We hit the ground running, and keep running

Our streamlined Switch IT onboarding process ensures we have all the information we need to take the lead on your IT from day one and into the future. One handover. No need to bother you unnecessarily ever again.

We conduct health checks to keep your IT in shape

From our initial health check, to the ongoing check-ups we conduct, we always have a 360˚ view of your IT setup, so we can identify issues proactively, before they become problems.

“We’re definitely getting a bigger bang for our IT buck with OSIT. They’ve found cost savings in a host of areas, and their prompt IT support services mean we’re able to focus on business, rather than worrying about IT issues.”


"The time savings alone are substantial with OSIT taking care of our IT. We don’t waste time and effort planning and managing IT, so we have more time and energy for business.”