Essential IT Support

  • Essentials Plus

    Essentials Plus

    Never get caught out

    With Essentials Plus you’ll get four powerful features designed to improve your IT support experience:

    • Access to our Support App, a tool that allows you to log, view, approve and manage requests, chat with our team, schedule office visits, meetings and more.
    • Windows and other Microsoft updates will be automatically installed. Any updates which require manual installation are not included.
    • All-day, everyday health monitoring of your laptops, desktops, and servers. Up to 15 devices are included.
    • An annual IT Needs Analysis meeting with a Partner or Lead Engineer.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Live monitoring

    ✔️ Hassle free updates

    ✔️ Stay one step ahead of downtime

    $100 EX GST Per Month
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  • Essentials Anti-Spam

    Essential Add-on: Anti-Spam

    Risk-free reading

    Make no mistake: your business security will be tested, and if you spend 10 minutes of your day sifting through the spam in your inbox, it already is. Your security is our priority, but even our complex business security systems can be compromised if the wrong email is opened.

    Millions of spam emails are distributed world-wide every single day. Sadly, all it takes is one to cause serious damage to your business. The good news is, we’ll filter your incoming email through our intelligent Anti-Spam filters to strip out the malicious content so you’re free to focus on looking after your customers and building your business.

    No risk. No spam. Just a tidy inbox of risk-free reading.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Stops spam cluttering up inbox and slowing down productivity

    ✔️ Protection from users interacting with malicious emails

    ✔️ Reduce the risk of spreading infected emails throughout your organisation

    $2.50 EX GST Per User Per Month
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  • Essentials Anti-Virus

    Essential Add-on: Anti-Virus

    Power of Protection

    In your digital life, you rely on your IT systems every day - when your surfing, socializing, banking, doing business. That’s why our managed cloud anti-virus solution helps you protect what matters most... Your privacy, finances, and your business – before it’s too late.

    We’ll look after the live anti-virus scanning and automated malware notifications, so you’re free to focus on looking after your customers and building your business.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Peace of mind protection from known trojans, spyware and malware

    ✔️ Protect your team from phishing attacks and data theft

    ✔️ Intrusion protection from hackers

    $5 EX GST per device per month
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  • Essentials Managed Secure DNS

    Essential Add-on: Secure DNS

    Protection on any device - anywhere & anytime

    User error is a primary cause of business security breaches. So, protecting your business in the cloud, across the web, in social media applications and mobile networks isn’t just important. It’s essential in protecting your business from heavy remediation costs and PR damage.

    Allow us to show you what a secure internet environment looks like with a secure gateway that sits between your team members and their interactions with the web. From preventing sensitive data sharing and social media use, to identifying data-stealing malware, your team will be blocked from visiting any suspicious websitesso you can relax knowing we’ll safeguard the privacy of your business data and your customers.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Protection from users visiting malicious websites

    ✔️ Protection from cloned websites designed to steal data

    ✔️ Safeguard your business data

    $4 EX GST Per Device Per Month
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  • Essentials Managed Password

    Essentials Add-on: Password Manager

    Auto-pilot for all your passwords

    There’s a reason cyber security specialists like us, harp on about updating your credentials. With passwords causing over 80% of security breaches, password management is one area where it isn’t just desirable to be one-step-ahead. It’s essential.

    But we know using a unique and complex password for every single online account is easier said than done. Which is why our Managed Password Manager remembers all your passwords across all your devices, so you don’t have to. It will even generates secure passwords for you automatically whenever you sign up for something new.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Fast access to unique and complex passwords for every account

    ✔️ Share passwords securely and effortlessly

    ✔️ Protection from easy to hack passwords

    $10 EX GST per user per month
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  • Essentials Detection

    Essentials Add-on: Breach Detection

    The last line of defence

    It’s hardly news that cyber-attacks are more frequent – and more potent – than ever. But what is new, is their intelligence to outsmart traditional anti-virus systems.

    With malware able to morph into seemingly harmless content to evade your security systems, it means there’s more to fighting off cyber-attacks than updating your anti-virus and hiding behind a spam filter in the hope that your business wins a game of hide and seek.

    Unlike an anti-virus suite, that compares your files with a list of known viruses, we’ll deploy a 24x7 Breach Detection service to continuously monitor the behaviour of your files for unusual activity. This means we’ll get automatic notification of threats to your business before they can damage your files – or your business - even if they evade front line defences.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Peace of mind 24x7x365 monitoring

    ✔️ Rapid response to unusual file activity

    ✔️ Protection from malware that has breached your front line defences

    $6 EX GST Per device Per Month

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  • Essentials Email backup

    Essentials Add-on: Email Backup

    Essentials Mailbox backup for Microsoft 365

    We’ll regularly backup your Microsoft 365 mailboxes to protect your business from security threats and accidental – or intentional – deletion of your mailbox data.

    Our granular mailbox recovery system means you can relax knowing we’ll be on hand to restore your emails, attachments, calendars or contacts, so you can get back to business, fast. 

    This service is available with either 3 or 7 year data retention periods.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Email recovery

    ✔️ Protection against accidental and intentional email loss

    ✔️ Get back to business fast

    $4 or $7 EX GST Per Mailbox Per Month
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  • Essentials Microsoft 365

    Essential Add-on: Microsoft 365 Backup

    Peace of mind backup for Microsoft 365

    Microsoft provides you a wide array of powerful services within your Office 365 environment – but a comprehensive backup of your Office 365 data is not one of them.

    Our Managed Complete Backup for Microsoft 365 means you can avoid the unnecessary risks of accidental – or intentional - data loss and have complete control of your Microsoft 365 data. Our automated background tasks will back up your M365 business environment,  including your Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams data (Teams chat data not included due to Microsoft limitations), so we can easily browse versions and quickly restore mailboxes, folders or other items. 

    This service is available with either 3 or 7 year data retention periods.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Risk-free automated data backups

    ✔️ Granular recovery of Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams data

    ✔️ Comprehensive protection against accidental or intentional data loss

    $5 or $8 EX GST Per mailbox per month
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  • Essentials site visit

    Essential Add-On: Site Visit

    On-site IT Support

    Our Essentials site visits enable you to schedule an on-site engineer at your office when it is convenient for you, for however long you need. Billed at the essentials support hourly rate, we will organise an on-site engineer to visit your site.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ On-site support

    ✔️ Same hourly rate

    ✔️ Scheduled at your convenience

    $175 EX GST Per Hour
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  • Essential Add-On: Data Prevention Awareness

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  • Managed Application Whitelisting

    Essential Add-On: Application Whitelisting

    Unlike antivirus, Application Whitelisting manages what software, scripts, executables, and libraries can run on your systems. This "default deny" approach stops malicious software before it even gets a chance to execute.

    The Gold Standard in Protection from malware, viruses, and ransomware

    Application Whitelisting provides protection against ransomware, viruses, and other software-based threats.

    This solution allows users to request access to new applications before they are run.
    It works on a cloud-based platform sending email reports(optional) and provides us with additional application insight to better protect your business.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Block applications from accessing data

    ✔️ Block applications from accessing system resources

    ✔️ Stop untrusted software from running on your systems

    $7 EX GST Per Device Per Month
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  • darkweb-2

    Essential Add-On: Dark Web Monitoring

    Dark Web Monitoring of user credentials. Any users’ passwords that are for sale on the dark web will be immediately reported so that remedial action can be taken.

    Is your information for sale on the Dark Web?

    Our staff will receive a report when a breach occurs and alerts you to the impacted account and credentials. If the item is of concern they will work with you through a process to best remediate the breach.

    Have us compile a complementary scan of the Dark Web - Click here.

    Remediation of issues is not included in this Managed Service.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Identify breached accounts

    ✔️ Identify your exposure

    ✔️ Leverage our alerts and process

    $50 EX GST Per Domain Per Month
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  • Managed Data Security

    Essential Add-On: Data Security

    Safeguard your data against threats, both inside and outside your business.

    Better manage and protect your critical data

    Features that prevent users and attackers from copying data outside of your organisation combined with features that automatically encrypt your documents grant complete peace of mind when it comes to protecting your intellectual property.

    For example, a user that copies data to a USB drive or Dropbox is still able to see and use that data. However, unbeknownst to them that data is encrypted. If the user leaves your organization or attempts to share that data with a 3rd party, it will not be decrypted and is unable to be accessed.

    Due to the requirements of this service, a Microsoft 365 Business Premium license is required.

    The features of this service are:

    • Manage how users access company data from Mobile Devices. Encrypt company data on mobile devices and require users to use a PIN or Fingerprint to access company data. Allows for company data to be remotely wiped from devices at any time.
    • Customised data alerts and automatic blocks when confidential information is attempted to be shared or sent outside the business. We sit down with you to customise a policy specific to your business. This can include Emails, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.
    • Email encryption protects emails from prying eyes, ensures only the recipient can read the sent email and/or attachment and is unable to forward it. Using this function, you can also recall emails by revoking access to sent messages stopping the recipient from being able to open or view the message.

    If you have Microsoft 365 E3/E5 license or Microsoft EMS E3/E5, we can leverage those to provide additional protection:

    • Create a custom security portal that provides insigh into user activity in SharePoint, cloud apps, office apps and Azure. Customise alerts and review if users and downloading large numbers for SharePoint documents, using suspicious cloud applications, or signing in from odd locations.
    • Use sensitivity labels to manage document permissions including to set watermarks, headers and footers and encrypt documents when saved from inside your existing office apps. Auto-labelling allows documents to be managed by what they contain, automatically encrypting documents and automatically applying permissions.
    • Protect your information by encrypting your data the moment it leaves SharePoint or OneDrive allowing only your users to access that data. If a user leaves the business, they will be locked out access to that data by removing, there ability to decrypt it. You can also manage if certain items can have text copied from them, able to be printed, and much more.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Classify and dictate how your users interact with your data

    ✔️ Encrypt documents taken outside the business

    ✔️ Alert on external user logins from odd times and locations

    ✔️ Manage and Encrypt data at rest on mobiles

    ✔️ Automatically determine and restrict access to sensitive data

    $15 EX GST Per Device Per Month
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  • Managed Security Proactive

    Essential Add-On: Security Proactive

    Provides a high level of proactive protection designed to prevent attacks before they occur. 

    Keep on top of your business's security needs

    This is done through ongoing user education, monitoring of threats both internal and external and preventing users from doing the wrong thing.

    The features of Managed Security Proactive are:

    • Prevents users from opening malicious websites both in and out of the office. Malicious websites can include websites with viruses, or fake websites that attempt to trick users into entering their credentials.
    • Breach detection software that checks computers for signs of intrusion and detects if malicious changes have been made. This is often refered to as looking for Indicators of Compromise (IOC's), by looking at how the system and applications are configured. For example, a attackers persistance in registry or task scheduler will be detected by this but not by antivirus software.
    • Regular fake phishing emails sent to your users. These are used to identify and train your users to identify phishing threats. A full report is sent to you including which emails fooled which users.
    • Dark Web Monitoring of user credentials. Any users’ passwords that are for sale on the dark web will be immediately reported on so that remedial action can be taken. This service includes 1 monitored domain. Additional domains can be purchased with Managed Dark Web Monitoring service.
    • Continual monitoring and Vulnerability Scanning of services that are exposed to the public internet to determine if they are safe to keep publicly facing.
    • An annual password audit, where the passwords for all users are brute-forced and vulnerable passwords are revealed. (On-Premises Domain Controller Required)
    • Customised Cyber Security Awareness Training. An annual training session designed to keep your users up to date with security trends, threats, and the latest tips to stay safe. Can be customised and run at a location of your choosing, with only your users invited to attend.

    If you have Microsoft 365 Business Premium license (or above), we can leverage that to provide additional protection:

    • Lock down computers to harden them against a potential breach, such as stopping macros from running in office apps.
    • Add password protection to Windows/Azure that compares new passwords against a global banned list to stop users from using known bad or easily guessed passwords.

    Why you might want this:

    ✔️ Regular Password Auditing

    ✔️ Stop the creation of bad passwords

    ✔️ Attack Surface Reduction (Requires Intune)

    ✔️ Monitor for bata breaches on the dark web

    ✔️ Detect malware running in your environment

    ✔️ Scan/Monitor your publicly facing services for Vulnerabilities

    ✔️ Test your employees with email campaigns

    ✔️ Keep Employees Security Aware with Regular Training

    $15 EX GST Per Device Per Month
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  • Essential Add-On: Updates

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