IT Support

(without the wait)

When your IT stops working, so do you.
We get it. And we get onto it. ASAP.

Time’s up for downtime

If there’s anything worse than seeing your IT go down, it’s waiting for help. Minutes feel like hours, and you feel like throwing in the towel.

Not so with Office Solutions IT. We’re built for speed, just like Usain Bolt. Only without the Lycra.

"Downtime? What's that?" - You in a few months of continually experiencing fast IT support.


Office Solutions IT support engineers

How we make IT happen

Fast IT support is not just about an efficient service. It also involves proactive solutions for long-term benefits.

We set the pace for our industry. Fact.

On average, we respond to high-priority issues in only three minutes and normal issues in just 18 minutes. That's fast IT support. Just ask our competitors.

We prioritise getting you up and running

If there’s a recurring or deep-seated issue, we’ll address it. But our immediate goal is to get you back in business. ASAP.

We give you a Goldilocks team

Not some vast team that doesn’t know you and is slow to react. Not a one-man band that lacks capacity. We give you a small-but-experienced team that’s juuuuust right.

We report and benchmark our performance

We’ll monitor your team’s performance, so if we don’t live up to your expectations, if we miss the mark, if we’re tardy in any way, we’ll hold our hands up and make amends.

We hit the ground running, and keep running

Our fast IT support service ensures we can get you up and running once you send in the ticket. Sometimes, you don't even need to as we can fix problems before they even happen.

We conduct health checks to keep your IT in shape

From our initial health check, to the ongoing check-ups we conduct, we always have a 360˚ view of your IT setup, so we can identify issues proactively, before they become problems.

“We rarely have issues with our IT, but when we have run into a problem, we just submit our ticket to Office Solutions IT knowing that they will get back to us promptly.”


"Previously when I had a computer problem, I had a feeling of panic and was quite stressed. Now, I send in my Support Request to Office Solutions and know that very quickly the problem will be solved and all done remotely; no waiting for the technician to arrive. It is so reassuring to have your support. What an excellent service!"

Liz Pattison - Liz Pattison Pty Ltd