Interview Questions

We like to do things differently at Office Solutions IT

Starting with your interview. Sure, we’ll want to hear about your skills and experience, but we’re looking for more than just book smarts, which is hard to put down on your resume.

We want to know that you value the same things we do and, more importantly, give you the opportunity to discover if we're a good match for your personality and attributes. So, don't be surprised if you get asked a few questions out of left-field. Here's some examples:

  • Besides your alarm, what gets you out of bed everyday?
  • If you were promoted into a more senior role in your current organisation, what do you think the reasons would be for the promotion?

  • What can't you live without?
  • What is the best (or worst) piece of advice that you have received?

Over to you

We love being asked questions. Especially good-well-prepared ones. So, we encourage you to do your research: stalk us, poke around on our website and prepare a few questions to ask our recruitment team.

Here's some of the best ones we've been asked so far:


  1. What did the previous team member for this role go on to do?

  2. What does a normal working day look like?

  3. Do Support Engineers get project experience?

  4. What certifications do I need, and what resources are available?

  5. What products and vendors do you use?

  6. If you could cherry pick the qualities for your next team member what would they be?

  7. Do the support teams work with specific industries?
  8. How much travelling will I have to do?

  9. How does the escalation structure work?

  10. What does the training and induction process look like?

  11. Let's talk cake, how much is too much?

  12. In your opinion, what's the best thing about working for OSIT?

  13. Who are your customers?