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Overview of Position

As an IT Support Engineer, you’ll use cutting edge systems and glitch free automation to help hundreds of businesses run smoother than an OS on an SSD.

Your success will ensure businesses hum. Backs are patted. And thousands of people smile - while you kick career goals, level up your IT skills and unlock legendary achievements.

A bit about us

We’re Office Solutions IT, and we’ve developed a reputation for doing more than just going through the IT support motions. That’s why we’ve over doubled in size from 25 to 60 team members in 4 short years. 

We question things. We find better ways to use technology and we’re growing fast. Which means we have a serious career opportunity for an IT engineer who’s fed up battling Cryptolocker all day and would rather be:

  • included in our supportive team member driven culture
  • making new friends; and 
  • kicking serious career goals.


We don’t expect you to go the extra mile and provide game changing IT support for nothing.

In addition to your generous salary, we’ll support and shower you with perks, including:

  • Flexibility: Got responsibilities outside of work? Feel free to skip the peak hour commute and hit your deadlines from home.
  • Professional Development: Our supportive and learning based culture means you’ll become recognised as a specialist in your chosen area of IT. But it’s not just about IT smarts - you’ll level up your soft skills too, so you can take control of your career and lead the way.
  • Custom Career Development plan: Receive a tailored plan and regular check-ins with your mentor, and HR team, so your career develops precisely how you want it to.
  • Promotional Opportunities: We’re serious about unlocking achievements and levelling up. In fact, 85% of our senior team kick started their career with us as an IT support engineer. 
  • Wellness: Be the best you can be. On and off the ping pong table. Book a quiet room to hone your skills, join a workshop or cycle into the office and use our end of trip facilities.
  • Having a laugh: Have two or three, in fact. Unless you have fun at work, what’s the point? Join in with our regular team lunches, table tennis tournaments and office banter.


To be seriously considered for this role, please have the following in your utility belt:

Experience: At least 2 years’ experience in a Level 2 or 3 support role within an IT managed service provider. Experience working with Labtech or ConnectWise will be acknowledged with a joyous round of applause.

Education: Current Windows Server, Office 365 or other Microsoft certifications will be looked at with seriously impressed eyebrows. 

Skills: You must be an excellent communicator. Someone who understands how to frame their superpowered IT knowledge in a clear, concise and friendly manner – and can do so over the phone, in a well-crafted email or in person. That’s right, actual human contact.

You’ll also be comfortable working with:

  • Windows Desktops in AD environments
  • Windows Server
  • Office 365
  • Active Directory, Group Policy
  • Switches, Firewalls
  • VMware/Hyper V environments

Characteristics: You should be self-motivated with a real eagerness to excel and contribute to the performance of your IT support team. While your sense of humour and desire to be the best you can be (on and off the ping pong table) will stand up to the friendly rivalry of excellence between our IT support teams.

What you’ll be doing

As an IT Support Engineer, your day to day doesn’t involve rolling out windows updates and endless new-user creations. Yawn. 

Instead, you’ll be responsible for incident management – resolving technology issues and providing solutions that our clients, and community, will smile about. If you’re up for it, you’ll also get to play with some flashy technology while you help our projects team roll out a variety of cutting edge projects.

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